People's opinions on selfishness of character, namely Apple and Raven

I know that a lot of people think that either Apple or Raven is selfish. My opinion is that neither is super selfish, but they each have their moments. I don't think Apple is completely selfish and I know that she has good intentions. But she doesn't know what Raven saw exactly in Raven's future. Apple didn't know that Raven's future was going to be just like her mother. Raven was going to be even worse, in fact, as she would have taken over Briar's and many others story. Apple still called Raven selfish and accused her. Raven is selfish similarly to Apple, she jumps to conclusions easily and an example is that she didn't think about Apple's destiny and what would happen after Raven denied her destiny. However, I like Raven more than Apple. But my favorite character forever after is Maddie! Briar, Cerise, and Ashlynn too. Any people have feedback to my option?