Will Big Bad Wolf will be able to stop his two daughters with his family war?


The female narrator says "A new student. Well, an older student returns to school." Lizzie talks about a student she says has real wolf claws, which Faybelle replies that she heard the student howls at the moon. Raven says "poor Cerise" and Apple says it's "their" destiny to be enemies. Cerise comes over asking what's up and what's so exciting, which a girl whose introduction introduces as Ramona Badwolf appears saying it's her they're talking about. Ramona walks over and Madeline exclaims "It's Ramona Badwolf!". Ramona says hello to Cerise, but Cerise just tells her she knew she smelled wet dog. Ramona tells Cerise she couldn't find her way out of a paper bag. Mr. Badwolf comes over, telling them that they'd better get moving or he'll blow them to class. Mr. Badwolf blows, and Cerise walks off unamused. Mr. Badwolf begins to talk to Ramona about the importance of getting along, but Ramona just says "Talk to the paw, Dad" and leaves. Meanwhile, in Grimmnastics class, Cerise is getting asked by Blondie Lockes about whether or not Cerise had Ramona sent to a reform school in the Dark Forest, which Cerise responds 'no comment' to. Ramona busts Cerise's volleyball, and Gingerbreadman calls her to the headmaster's office. Ramona walks over to Cerise and tells her she'll see her after school. Ramona leaves and Blondie announces to the school see a battle between the two after school.

After that, Cerise pulls off a poster in the hall and says it's ridiculous and says that she thinks she, the latter and Ramona can solve their own problems. Ramona says she agrees and asks if Cerise accepts her challenge. Cerise accepts and says "Let's settle this right now." Badwolf finds them about to fight and calls them both into his classroom. In the classroom, the latter is very upset with them both, and both his daughters say at the same time: "Dad! She started it!". Ramona complains in these words: "Oohhh, mysterious secret! Look at me, I'm a hood!". Cerise says she's not doing it for herself and calls Ramona mean. Badwolf scolds them and says how important it is to keep the family secret. Ramona says "I know, I know, if anyone knew that Big Bad married Little Red." Then Cerise says they would flip their crowns. Mr. Badwolf says that's right so until graduation, their family should remain a secret. "Now, let's give the public a real competition!" he says. Then at the Grimmnastic race game, Ramona asks Cerise: "You ready for this, sis?" and Cerise says: "Oh yeah!" and then they run off.


  1. Ramona Badwolf
  2. Cerise Hood
  3. Madeline Hatter
  4. Mr. Badwolf
  5. Raven Queen
  6. Lizzie Hearts
  7. Faybelle Thorn
  8. Apple White
  9. Poppy O'Hair
  10. Holly O'Hair
  11. Nina Thumbell
  12. Rosabella Beauty
  13. Kitty Cheshire
  14. Melody Piper
  15. Cedar Wood
  16. Blondie Lockes
  17. C.A. Cupid


  • Ramona Badwolf makes her webisode introduction.
  • This webisode was aired on July 6 2016 in Mexico and Brazil.
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