A Wonderlandiful World is the third book of the Ever After High book series, written by Shannon Hale. It was released on August 26, 2014.


Prologue of Doom

The Jabberwock is fed up on how "sensical" Ever After is. Before it plots its rampage, it decides to feed, since it is very hungry

Chapter 2: The Lone Tree on the Hill

Raven, Cerise, Cedar and Cupid have a practice run swimming session. Comparing to any previous race time, the girls are two minutes ahead. A few minutes later, Dexter Charming passes the girls by zooming past with his bike, but the bike session narrowly comes out practiced, since Sparrow Hood has already left his waiting spot beforehand. Dexter voluntarily declares to help the girls, if needed. They all agree. As Dexter leaves, Cedar awkwardly quizzes an unprepared Raven, but there is no response. Instead of visiting the Four Winds, the Rebels are to travel to the Dark Mountains. Cedar is running low on paints and she and Raven plan to fetch some berries.

Chapter 3: Maddie Converses Politely with the Narrator

Madeline interrupts the narrator's decent simile introduction. However, they deflect her intriguing interest on what's going to happen next.

Chapter 4: The Tragedy of Aquilona

In preparation for her field trip, Lizzie packs her butter knife. She is whisked away to a mountain, where an amphitheater lies. The play smoothly commences, despite Lizzie's flustered choreographed failures throughout the play. Still, she improvises which causes the audience (and Daring) laughter.

Chapter 7: A Twisted Kind of Wonder

The Jabberwock is simultaneously grumpy, yet it has bitter dreams. Throughout the week, the Jabberwock has tasted all sorts of different things. It catches the scent of Lizzie, Kitty and Madeline, who are somewhat far away. Still, the Jabberwock remains devious as it decides to rid Ever After of the Wonderlandians.

Chapter 8: Wonder Worms Are Go!

As the students proceed out of the wishing well, Lizzie takes Madeline and Kitty aside as she wishes to discuss an issue further, later in the Grove. Not wanting to pressurize or set her friends worried, in unison, all the girls agree on consulting the White Queen for more guidance. However, a mishap has sprung. The three appear to be aware that the White Queen's absence wasn't an accident - she did not want to bubble up their curiosities any further. Briar Beauty calls on the Wonderlandians for their attention that Apple is hosting a Royal-Rebel meeting, openhearted meeting. Kitty immediately decides on attending, but Lizzie is uncertain of how to handle such a situation. As Lizzie rummages through her deck of cards her mother given her, she still cannot find a good one to suit the case. Lizzie wishes she could be more like a queen, hoping that Wonderland would come to her and eventually, pleasing her mother.

Chapter 9: Storybook Share Slam

The Royals and Rebels gather up in Apple and Raven's room. The conversation escalates into a worsened matter, but most of the students there try to remain calm. They are cut in by a queer bunny hopping up the clock, rather than a mouse. This sets the students abuzz, however Apple stays fair and now trails on a different conversation.

Chapter 10: Reasonable by Accident

To Lizzie's consternation, she starts thinking sanely, which isn't like her. The Wonderlandians disagree on what to do, who to enlist to help and any plans, but Madeline insists on being reasonable, but merely by accident. Instead of asking a friend or ally, Madeline plans for the girls to meet Giles Grimm. Although they are spot-on conversant in Riddlish, the girls find it harder than usual to interpret what the Headmaster's brother is trying to imply. Lizzie pleads for his wonderlandish (and typically unreasonable) answer, but he disappears into a book. Lizzie incarnates a giddy feeling that Wonderland is in fact, coming to her.

Chapter 11: A Wobble of Uncertainty

Cedar dashes down the corridors, blinking her tears of qualm back. As Cedar enters her dorm room, she encounters an amazing discovery: for the first time, she handles pain by accidentally cutting herself. To her trepidation, Cedar finds that Cerise is not with her to witness it. Cedar finds Earl Grey still planted safely in Madeline's dorm room, however everybody else is strangely missing. As a last resort, Cedar sprints over to Raven and Apple's dorm, finding that Apple has somehow turned wooden, while Cedar morphs into a real girl.

Chapter 12: Wonderland Found Me

The narrator is unresponsive towards Madeline, suggesting that things are obviously changing. For one, Lizzie is frighteningly sensible as well. The girls drop the conversation as they witness a shardstorm coming toward them.

Chapter 13: Trapped!

Daring signals the girls rushing inside into a room, along with the other students who have previously been turned into objects and creatures. They find out that the Jabberwock is not only changing the students, but it is changing the whole of Ever After for its own Wonderland so it can strike a blow. However, the girls also worry about the large shardstorm happening outside. They hop onto the offspring of Baba Yaga's house, unluckily leaving Daring, Briar and Hunter behind. The Jabberwock's magic not only infected Ever After, but the narrator as well.

Chapter 14: The Narrator Takes a Sick Day

The narrator slowly turns madder by the second, making Madeline take desperate measures: she takes the role of the narrator.

Chapter 15: Swamp Juice in Your Teacup

Madeline informs her friends that the narrator is "sick". In the meantime, Lizzie proposes that Kitty is to fade out of the hut hatchling to find the Headmaster and tell him about the news of Wonderland taking over Ever After, but the girls find out that they are stuck in Baba Yaga's barrier. Madeline takes out a book on learning how to narrate a story, along with an oath. Kitty has gone stiff after she finds the Jabberwock heading toward Book End.

Chapter 16: Running From Deadly Terror

In utter panic, the girls flee from the Jabberwock. Madeline is being consulted with the (currently former) narrator, who still is babbling nonsense.

Chapter 17: Tales of Wandering Un-Books

With nowhere else to turn because of their tiredness, Lizzie pushes the girls in her magical door and it leads them to Wonderland Grove. An impatient Cedar is tethering in nervousness, so she rings the Headmaster. Knowing that only the vorpal sword can defeat the Jabberwock, Cedar blurts it out. But because it is in Wonderland, the faculty make a spell. Madeline finds a way to communicate with Wonderlandians via books, or un-books. Lizzie writes to a Wonderlandian and Cedar stuffs it in Madeline's said book.

Chapter 18: More Vorpal

Cedar receives a letter from a Wonderlandian left in her boot. Lizzie reads on and claims that they are in need of paint. Madeline urges Cedar to paint a picture of Wonderland using fluxberry shades so that they are able to pull the sword out. Lizzie refuses for Cedar to retrieve the book for sketching purposes of Wonderland, so she wants in on going instead. Madeline accompanies her as well. Meanwhile, Kitty has trouble narrating for Cedar, but the change is definitely getting stronger.

Chapter 19: Yellow Wallpaper

Lizzie and Madeline encounter strange cards down by the library (and some squeamish, pestering furniture), Lizzie is in need of a shrinking potion from Madeline so that they can walk past the mess. Madeline forgets her shrinking potion, so Lizzie imperiously demands and orders around the furniture into a maze so that they are able to pass through. The girls come across a strange writing on a wall, which is repetitive. Obeying the writing, Lizzie and Madeline pace on with their eyes closed. From their last visit which wasn't long ago, Lizzie and Madeline find that the library has expanded in its height rather than its width, meaning that it would be a harder time for finding their needed book. Saving the trouble, Lizzie shouts at the books and they find the one that they need. As soon as they acquire the book, they head back to the Grove.

Chapter 20: The Vorpal Sword Awaits

As Lizzie and Madeline proceed to the Grove, Cedar has nearly finished mixing her fluxberries. Unfortunately, a creature walking by has eaten the book, but Lizzie has the passage memorized and recites it out loud to Cedar. Doubting that mere words can help fit in a description, Madeline suggests for Lizzie to play the dulcimer and Kitty to open the whiff of her Tumtum resin. Cedar finally completes the painting and it totally resembles Wonderland. As only the Princess can claim the sword, Lizzie extends her arm into the painting and pulls the sword out. Soon, the Jabberwock has broke the magic barrier, chasing the girls and destroying everything behind them. They take shelter as Madeline pleads for them not to be seen. Distracting the beast, the Mad Hatter selflessly throws himself out, but he soon gets captured nonetheless. Lizzie solemnly declares on beheading the creature.

Chapter 21: Beware Empathy!

Ever After High is sealing its own doors. Still, the girls successfully find the correct room. Lizzie obtains that the Jabberwock is tying the Hatter to its head. Lizzie feels empathy for Madeline as she imagines her father on the Jabberwock as well.

Chapter 22: Hedgehog Croquet

With the help of Daring, the girls attempt attacking the beast. Lizzie summons hedgehogs as they use the remaining shards of her crown to incapacitate the Jabberwock. Kitty and Cedar manage to get atop of the Jabberwock's head and using her paint utensils, Cedar cuts the Hatter free. Using the vorpal sword, it accidentally tears a hole in reality by making a gateway portal to Wonderland. Kitty votes on dropping everything and leaving,

Chapter 23: A Ruler of Nothing

Lizzie is able to cut off a piece of the Jabberwock's horn, however it strikes back by firing the golden remain out of its throat as it scratches Lizzie on the forehead. With almost no might left, she swings for a final strong blow and she severs his paw. Having done her part, Madeline steps in the battle.

Chapter 24: Madness Is Life

Risking her oath to become the narrator, Madeline is motivated by the fellow readers as she breaks the rules by expelling the Jabberwock from Ever After by creating her own portal, sucking the Jabberwock back into Wonderland.

Chapter 25: Friends Would Be Aces

The original narrator soon recovers after the Jabberwock's expulsion from Ever After. Briar, along with the other students recover from their forms and everything returns back to its original place in Ever After. Including Cedar, who turns back into her wooden self. Cedar notices Lizzie has gained friends after her recent battle, including Briar and Daring. Their moment is spoiled by Headmaster Grimm and the rest of the faculty. The Beauty Sleep Festival commences once again. The next morning, despite their cuts and bruises, the students along with Lizzie, Cedar and Kitty lose their memories. Madeline Hatter tries to reconcile their memories, but the reality that happened yesterday appeared real to Cedar and Lizzie. They "accidentally" become friends.

Chapter 26: Accidentally Becoming Friends

The Tiara-thalon is nearly starting, and Briar is in need of (Lizzie's) help to set up a glitter bomb catapult. Despite Briar's memory loss, they become friends. Lizzie also befriends with the likes of Daring, and many more after that. With the encouragement of her new found friends, Cedar uplifts everyone to aid Lizzie in replanting the somehow destroyed greenery of the Grove.


The Chief Chronicler contacts the narrator and Madeline. Madeline misunderstands this and believes.


  1. Jabberwock
  2. Lizzie Hearts
  3. Duchess Swan
  4. Shuffle
  5. Apple White
  6. Milton Grimm
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Briar Beauty
  9. Cedar Wood
  10. Hopper Croakington II
  11. Kitty Cheshire
  12. Cerise Hood
  13. Raven Queen
  14. C.A. Cupid
  15. Dexter Charming
  16. Madeline Hatter
  17. Blondie Lockes
  18. Holly O'Hair
  19. Humphrey Dumpty
  20. Sparrow Hood
  21. Faybelle Thorn
  22. Baby bandersnatch
  23. Baba Yaga
  24. Ashlynn Ella
  25. Hunter Huntsman
  26. Mother bandersnatch
  27. Jack B. Nimble
  28. Badwolf
  29. Kitty Cheshire
  30. Poppy O'Hair
  31. Helga Crumb
  32. Gus Crumb
  33. Nathan Nutcracker
  34. Giles Grimm
  35. Mad Hatter

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