Apple White may be the fairest of them all, but there are more than tiaras and tea parties in a typical day of this busy Royal.


Apple wonders aloud what she'll have for breakfast and boys rush to her, offering her apples. She happily skips onto the road and finds ducks crossing and a horse carriage racing towards them and firmly comes to the rescue of the ducks, stopping the carriage. She suspects daily incidents occurring, so she vows to keep everyone as safe as possible. Back at Ever After High, Apple sets out a new rule as the Student Council President, which everyone agrees on: duck crossing. Later, Apple's eager to buy a hocus latte, however she gets stopped by Hunter and Sparrow, fighting for their hocus latte by the counter. Apple quickly resolves their argument and they insist for themselves to keep it.

Next, Apple hears an odd noise coming from a well across her. She hears Jack's cry for help and calls medical assistance. When the paramedics arrive, Apple has partially taken care of the matter herself, having carried lots of bandages in her purse beforehand.

Late at night, a tired Apple returns to her dorm room with Raven all ready to sleep. Likely of Raven to think so, Apple had an easy day. As soon as Raven leaves the scene, Apple wanders off to the balcony and happily concludes the day, until she receives a distress call from Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep. Apple zip-lines to the rescue.


  1. Lilly-Bo Peep
  2. Apple White
  3. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  4. Raven Queen
  5. Madeline Hatter
  6. Milton Grimm
  7. Dexter Charming
  8. Duchess Swan
  9. Daring Charming
  10. Barista
  11. Sparrow Hood
  12. Hunter Huntsman
  13. "Jack"
  14. "Jill"
  15. Medic




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