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Baba Yaga debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 1 webisode "Stark Raven Mad", which premiered on June 18, 2013. She is voiced by Kate Higgins in the English version of the cartoon.

Chapter 1


Stark Raven Mad - an argument
On orders of Headmaster Grimm, Baba Yaga organizes an intervention to get Raven Queen back on the wrong path. Apple, Briar Madeline, and Lizzie are invited to help, but with the exception of Apple, none are of use and the intervention is a flop. Stark Raven Mad

Chapter 2


Class Confusion - barely passing
Baba Yaga takes notes during Headmaster Grimm's broadcast. True Hearts Day Part 3 She helps students register for classes. Baba Yaga announces that the first assignment in Home Evilnomics is to make an animal turn evil. After Apple White's multiple failed attempts and one slightly better one, Baba Yaga gives her a "D minus minus" on the assignment. Class Confusion Baba Yaga urges Poppy to choose her side, however is surprised of Poppy's choice. Poppy the Roybel She hangs out in front of the school. Lizzie Heart's Fairytale First Date

TV specials

Thronecoming - Heritage Hall introduction
Baba Yaga takes notes during Headmaster Grimm's broadcast. True Hearts Day Baba Yaga tells the students about the Heritage Hall. During the Thronecoming dance, she tells Briar that the two girls on the picture of her dorm room are Little Red Riding Hood and the Evil Queen. Baba Yaga reveals Heritage Hall to the students. At the Thronecoming dance, she brews distasteful punch. Thronecoming

Chapter 3


Raven and other students are in require of her help, however she is trapped in a bottle throughout the entire night and only when Dexter hits this off the shelf, she breaks free and voluntarily helps her pupils in search of their friends. Driving Me Cuckoo Baba Yaga finds Rumpelstiltskin strangely attached to her. She constantly tries prying him off her. Heart Struck Baba Yaga teaches General Villainy. What's in the Cards for Courtly Jester?

TV specials

Baba Yaga attends the Spring Fairest. Spring Unsprung She helps with an expulsion spell and banishes the Evil Queen to the Mirror Realm. Way Too Wonderland

Chapter 4

TV specials

Baba Yaga spectates the dragon games and is turned into a creature by Faybelle, who uses one of the Evil Queen's spells to do so. When the chaos is averted, she turns back to normal. Dragon Games


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