The 'Ballet' doll series is a budget line consisting of three dolls: Apple White, Briar Beauty, and Holly O'Hair. In Late 2016, two more dolls will be released: Ashlynn Ella, and Raven Queen.


The name, Ballet, is official and comes from the fact that they are all dressed as ballerinas, ready to do ballet.


Each doll has the same hairstyle, a bun on top of their head. They all wear a fabric skirt in a different colour for each character, but the rest of their clothes are molded on plastic and non-removable. Every doll's top is the same colour as their skirt, except for Raven Queen and Apple White. They also feature the new smiling facial expressions introduced for 2016 and have no knee or elbow articulation.


This line hasn't appeared in any fiction yet.


Doll stockphotography - Ballet Apple Doll stockphotography - Ballet Briar Doll stockphotography - Ballet Holly Doll stockphotography - Ballet Raven
Apple White Briar Beauty Holly O'Hair Raven Queen
Ashlynn ella ballet
Ashlynn Ella