When Blondie Lockes uses her MirrorCast to prove that Ever After High's legends are true, Headmaster Grimm goes to great lengths to make sure her show ends up being just right.


In the wake of the Legacy Day fiasco, Headmaster Grimm is worried that more of the school legends will be questioned. To save what can be saved, he recruits Blondie Lockes to utilize her MirrorCast show to prove those legends to be true. Blondie is only eager to take on the subject. The first legend on her list is that troll tears make for a wonderful shampoo, which she tests on Cedar Wood. The result is less than satisfactory though, as Cedar's hair is turned all green. Headmaster Grimm, who hides out in the back to make sure the legends are indeed proven true, quickly switches the troll tear bottle for another. Blondie suggests they just need to use more troll tears and so empties the new bottle on Cedar, whose hair is instantly turned perfect. Victorious for now, Headmaster Grimm sneaks away, but trips and spills the troll tears over his own hand, turning it hideous.

The next legend to be verified is that giants are terrible dancers. Duchess Swan and Tiny assist in proving the claim, but Tiny dances just as well as Duchess. Headmaster Grimm, who's still tagging along in the shadows, uses a mirror to reflect the stage lights into Tiny's eyes. Tiny can't see anymore and topples, falling right on top of Headmaster Grimm. Unaware still of his meddling, the legend that giants are terrible dancers is declared true.

Lastly, Blondie gets Sparrow Hood to help prove that griffins will leave their nests if the right song is played. Sparrow plays his guitar and the griffin enjoys the song, but it only nods to the rhythm. Headmaster Grimm climbs up to the nest and begins to shoo and poke the griffin away. Annoyed, the griffin flies up and stomps on Grimm, causing him to fall off the tree. He crash-lands just as Blondie ends the segment. Enthusiastic about the results, Blondie approaches him and begins to share her other ideas for legends that still need to be proven. Thinking back on what he has already gone through that day, Grimm faints as Blondie goes through her list.


  1. Milton Grimm
  2. Blondie Lockes
  3. Kitty Cheshire
  4. Lizzie Hearts
  5. Hunter Huntsman
  6. C.A. Cupid
  7. Cedar Wood
  8. Dexter Charming
  9. Duchess Swan
  10. Tiny
  11. Raven Queen
  12. Madeline Hatter
  13. Sparrow Hood
  14. Briar Beauty
  15. Apple White
  16. Hopper Croakington II
  17. Ashlynn Ella




  • The shot in which he talks, Sparrow lacks his soul patch.
  • Headmaster Grimm's ring is usually on his right middle finger, but it occasionally drawn as being on his right ring finger or not present at all.