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The Blue-Haired Fairy is the fairy in The Adventures of Pinocchio. Her Italian name, or as translated, in the story of The Adventures of Pinocchio is the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, as in the character Pinocchio's tale, her hair is turquoise-colored instead of blue, but that is only in the original story instead of Ever After High.



The Blue-Haired Fairy is a caring person who greatly enjoys stories that are exciting. She likes to read crime thriller novels and hates when the endings are spoiled. For her, the unknown and uncertainty of a tale is what makes it better.


The Blue-Haired Fairy, as her name states, has long blue hair which she prefers to hide so people do not recognize her. In "Cedar's Tale", she wears large sunhat to hide her identity and wears a hot pink bathing suit and "glamorous" sunglasses. One can assume she enjoys dressing up.

Fairy tale

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She has no mentioned family. Her disappearance in "Farrah Goodfairy's diary" implies that she has no descendants to carry on her role.


She is very close to Cedar Wood, who she refers to as "darling". Whenever Cedar is feeling depressed over her uncertain destiny, the Blue-Haired airy can read her emotions and offer advice to her that she should treat the unknown as precious.


Ever After High (I)

The Storybook of Legends She's reading a book on the beach where someone takes a selfie of her. She gives Cedar Wood helpful guidance on the last day of summer. Cedar Wood's Story


The examiners of the fairy tests mention that she did not want to continue her role as the Blue Fairy and disappeared. Farrah Goodfairy's diary