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Cerise Hood debuted in the books in The Storybook of Legends of the Ever After High book series, which premiered on October 08, 2013.


Ever After High (I)

Cerise Hood attends Briar Beauty's Book-to-School party, but hangs out in the corner. When Raven Queen greets her in the hallway, she almost waves back, but hurries away when the three little pigs squeal in fright of her. Cerise plays basketball in the first Grimmnastics class. Because she is the last one holding her basket, the commoners win. The Storybook of Legends Cerise is part of the food fight in the Castleteria. She avoids Raven and the Rebel bunch for unknown reasons, to their dismay. Raven and Cerise text/hext each other about Yester Day and visiting Red Riding Hood, her mother. At Hood Hollow, Cerise hears an angry mob outside and eventually, they get to Raven and try throwing her down the cliff. Revealing her secret, Cerise is also probably in for banishment from Hood Hollow. To prevent banishment, Cerise "competes" in a trial race, which she wins in the end. Cerise helps Apple and Raven with room cleanup. The Unfairest of Them All Cerise pushes Cedar to train harder for the tiara-thalon. She gets turned into a small wolf. A Wonderlandiful World

Ever After High (II)

Cerise attends Damsel-in-Distressing class. She is part of the parade on Parents Weekend. A Semi-Charming Kind of Life

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