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Most students possess a pet which serves as their closest companion.



Adelita is the pet butterfly of activist Rosabella Beauty.


Barber is a squirrel monkey companion to Poppy O'Hair.


Clipper is a charmed lion cub. He will stay forever a young cub. His human companion is Holly O'Hair.


The Cat Who Cried Wolf - Carmine
Carmine is Cerise Hood's pet direwolf. The two enjoy racing each other and consider themselves of the same pack.


The Cat Who Cried Wolf - Carrolloo
Carrolloo is Kitty Cheshire's Wonderlandian pet caterpillar and accomplice.


Clockwork is Cedar Wood's pet wooden cuckoo bird.


Clydesdale is Farrah Goodfairy's pet mouse.


Book art - Divacorn
A unicorn is the only creature that could match Briar Beauty's level of fabulous, and luckily, Divacorn answered her call.


A fire-breathing dragonfly in the animation
Drake is Hopper Croakington II's fire-breathing dragonfly.

Earl Grey

Profile art - Earl Grey
The loyal companion and primary tea buddy of Madeline Hatter, the dormouse Earl Grey rarely leaves her side. He usually resides in her hat.


Book art - Gala
Gala is the young snow fox pet of Apple White. Soft as fresh powdery snow, she enjoys curling about Apple's neck.


Of all the woodland creatures in the Enchanted Forest, a baby bear answered Blondie Lockes' summons. She named him Grizz.

Grizz - running
Of all the woodland creatures in the Enchanted Forest, a baby bear answered Blondie Lockes' summons. She named him Grizz.


An unnamed griffin who comes to Hunter Huntsman's side when the animal call is summoned up. He only appears in the books, and in the webisodes, in his place, is Pesky.


Jelly is Ginger Breadhouse's gummy candy fish companion, who was accidentally created by Ginger during Science and Sorcery.

King Benedict

King Benedict is Humphrey Dumpty's pet king chicken.

Mr. Cottonhorn

Once Upon A Pet A Collection of Little Pet Stories - Mr. Cottonhorn
Mr. Cottonhorn is Dexter Charming's jackalope companion. Being a jackalope, he has the body and ears of a jackrabbit, and the horns of an antelope, being a mixture of the two.


Dragon Games - Nevermore
Nevermore is the domesticated dragon companion of Raven Queen. She is young and demands a lot of attention from Raven, but is as loyal as can be. She was Purple in the webisodes TV special, "Dragon Games, but in originality, she is green, as per the book series.


P-Hawk is Daring Charming's pet peacock.


Raven's Tale - Pesky being pesky
Pesky is Hunter Huntsman's pet squirrel. As his name implies, he tends to be a bother to Hunter. The two have a playful antagonistic relation, with Pesky usually being the aggressor.



A pegasus on animation
Philia is C.A. Cupid's pet Pegasus. Initially Cupid had trouble choosing a pet, but soon after a Pegasus came to her.


Pirouette is Duchess Swan's pet swan. She usually wakes Duchess and her roommate Lizzie Hearts up in the morning as an alarm clock.


Ruscle Ruscle or Rascal is Nina Thumbell's pet cat.


Sandella is the phoenix friend of Ashlynn Ella.


Apple's Tale - joyful sheep
The sheep usually accompany Lilly-Bo Peep as she is usually found either chasing them around or with them at her side. Lilly-Bo initially has five but is often seen with two.


Once Upon A Pet A Collection of Little Pet Stories - Shuffle
Shuffle is the Wonderlandian hedgehog pet of the card-loving future queen, Lizzie Hearts.

Sir Gallopad

Sir. Gallopad
Sir Gallopad is Darling Charming's pet horse. She loves riding with him and he has the ability to change the color and camouflage at will.


Spindle is the Pom-Pomeranian companion of Faybelle Thorn.