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  • Rebels - The Rebels are those students who disagree that their futures should be pre-determined and seek to change the system that condemns them to a destiny most of them do not want.
  • Royals - The Royals are those who agree that their futures should be pre-determined and seek to protect the system that ties them to a destiny most of them eagerly look forward to.
  • Neutral students - In addition to the Rebels and Royals, there's a large number of students with no or an unclear allegiance.

All characters within a section are listed alphabetically.


Ashlynn Ella

Icon - Ashlynn Ella.jpg
Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella. She's a sweet, hardworking girl with a job at the Glass Slipper Shoe Store, a fitting job for someone with a comically placed obsession for shoes in general. Ashlynn is dating Hunter Huntsman, likely because of their shared love of nature.

Brooke Page

Profile art - Brooke Page II.jpg
Though not necessarily a physical student attending classes, Brooke Page is a young narrator-in-training. She normally has trouble keeping her opinions to herself and even, spoilers to the public. She purposely interferes with the characters to ensure that the story ends well. However, Brooke herself is one to support the Rebel side because of her struggles as a narrator.

C.A. Cupid

Icon - C.A. Cupid.jpg
Formerly a student at Monster High, C.A. Cupid recently switched schools due to an assignment from her dad. Being one herself, Cupid is on good terms with the Rebels, likely being assigned to Ever After High to help introduce the concept of free choice. She still meddles in the affairs of love, using only her finger now to match up lovebirds. She, on the other hand, is having a hard time finding love because she has a very obvious crush on Dexter Charming, who likes Raven Queen.

Cedar Wood

Icon - Cedar Wood.jpg
Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio. She is very shy and stutters a lot. A Rebel, Cedar does not want to share her dad's fate. She was cursed at the beginning of her life to tell the truth, which makes her friends hesitant to share secrets with her.

Cerise Hood

Icon - Cerise Hood.jpg
Cerise Hood is the daughter of Red Riding Hood. She's a Rebel, and with good reason: her father is the Big Bad Wolf. Few people know her secret, and she wants to keep it that way, preferring to hide in the shadows and stay off the radar of her classmates.

Courtly Jester

Icon - Courtly Jester.jpg
As the hostile and fiendish daughter of the Joker Card, Courtly Jester is a power-hungry dictator who has bigger plans than to rule over the Wonderland High school. Instead, taking over Wonderland and dethroning the current monarch is high on her list. She then becomes good and becomes a student at Ever After High.

Darling Charming

Icon - Darling Charming.jpg
Princess Darling Charming is the only daughter of King Charming. Unlike her brothers Daring and Dexter, she is a Rebel because she would rather go adventuring than be rescued. She is also secretly the White Knight from Wonderland.

Ginger Breadhouse

Icon - Ginger Breadhouse.jpg
Though the daughter of the Candy Witch, the villain of Hansel and Gretel, Ginger Breadhouse is not overly evil herself, preferring to bake for her friends than follow the destiny of her mother.

Humphrey Dumpty

Icon - Humphrey Dumpty.jpg
Humphrey Dumpty is the son of Humpty Dumpty. He is a prince among eggs, and a whiz at technology, but usually isolates himself in the Mirror Lab to go gaming.

Hunter Huntsman

Icon - Hunter Huntsman.jpg
Hunter Huntsman is the nature loving son of the Huntsman from both the stories Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Little Red Riding Hood. He doesn't seem to hate his destiny, but is a Rebel nonetheless, as he is dating Ashlynn Ella, a Royal outside of his own story, and is also a vegan. He has a pet squirrel named Pesky, who lives up to his name.

Jackie Frost

Icon - Jackie Frost.png
Jackie Frost is a 2016-introduced and cartoon-only character. She is the sister of Northwind, and a soul believer in having herself and her brother needing to rule rather than the Snow Queen and Snow King. She was their lowly servant, and still is, now needing to shovel snow when Crystal Winter stopped her plan in "Epic Winter". She is a Rebel in the conflict of destiny because she wants to rule.

Jillian Beanstalk

Icon - Jillian Beanstalk.jpg
The daughter of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Jillian Beanstalk appears quite equipped for her destiny as she's joined the school musical band and plays an inherited harp which belonged to Jack himself.

Kitty Cheshire

Icon - Kitty Cheshire.jpg
Why she is a Rebel is still a mystery, but since when has Kitty Cheshire needed a reason to cause mischief? She often has the family's signature grin on her face…or off her face, as she has also inherited her mother the Cheshire Cat's selective fading ability.

Madeline Hatter

Icon - Madeline Hatter.jpg
Madeline Hatter, daughter of The Mad Hatter. Life’s easy for her due to seeing the bright outlook on things. She loves her destiny, she loves tea, she sees the good in everyone, including the narrators, whom she is the only one aware of, and she is madly supportive of her friends. She has a pet mouse named Earl Grey.

Melody Piper

Icon - Melody Piper.jpg
Melody Piper, the daughter of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, is the girl to call when a Book-to-School party needs a fun vibe. She is one of Briar Beauty's favorite DJs.

Nina Thumbell

Icon - Nina Thumbell.jpg
Nina Thumbell is the daughter of Thumbelina. Even at full size, Nina is at least a head shorter than everyone else. She has the ability to shrink to the standard size of Thumbelina and to go grow to around average height but a head shorter than others as said before.


Northwind -EW.png
Northwind is a servant of the Snow King and Snow Queen. He serves the Snow Queen and Snow King with his sister, Jackie Frost, who he looks up to a great deal, even when failing to understand her strategies. It is assumed he is a Rebel due to wanting to follow along with Jackie in her plans to take over.

Poppy O'Hair

Icon - Poppy O'Hair.jpg
Poppy O'Hair is one of the best hair stylists around. She has a job at the Tower Salon in the Village of Book End. She has a twin sister named Holly O'Hair, who is a royal.

Raven Queen

Icon - Raven Queen.jpg
Destined for evil but presently the very opposite, Raven Queen's life is not easy. Many are afraid of her, even though she means no harm. Entirely unfounded this fear is not, as Raven has minor effect on her environment, like flowers dying at her presence. As she is not the passive kind, Raven openly questions her destiny and searches for a way that she can have a Happily Ever After herself. Her mother is the notorious Evil Queen.

Rosabella Beauty

Icon - Rosabella Beauty.jpg
Rosabella Beauty is destined to be the next Beauty in Beauty and the Beast. Although people believe that Rosabella's destiny is laid out nicely and easily for her, Rosabella believes otherwise. As an activist who fights for beast and animal equality, she would give away her destiny for the sake of helping others. She is also the cousin of Briar Beauty.

Sparrow Hood

Icon - Sparrow Hood.png
Sparrow Hood is the son of Robin Hood, and is as flirtatious and cheeky as his famed father. He likes to leave an impression on everyone he meets. He's a master conman, but has no intention of following his father's destiny if it means he can't play music.


Facebook - Tiny is tall.jpg
Tiny is the son of the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. He is timid, helpful and also appears to be quite clumsy. Like most of the male student body, he has a crush on Apple White.


Alistair Wonderland

Icon - Alistair Wonderland.jpg
Alistair Wonderland is the son of Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He and Bunny Blanc were stuck in Wonderland after the Brothers Grimm closed the portals off from Ever After, to protect the school from the Evil Queen's curse.

Apple White

Icon - Apple White.jpg
Famous daughter of Snow White, Apple White is the girl who has it all: she is beautiful, kind, loved by all, future queen, and destined for a Happily Ever After. But she isn't just a pretty face.

Blondie Lockes

Icon - Blondie Lockes.jpg
As the daughter of Goldilocks, Blondie Lockes fits the picture nicely as a sociable and friendly girl, but is also rather nit-picky and nosy. She runs a video blog through her "Magic Mirror" called "Just Right" that broadcasts on campus.

In addition, Blondie also has become infamous for her lack of regard for other people's items or space, to the point of stealing stuff from her friends and completely disregarding their privacy, something done easily thanks to her ability to unlock any locked door. She isn't malicious, however, and just has a genuine lack of knowledge of her friends' boundaries and social cues. She is also known to sometimes stretch the truth, a good journalist quality.

Briar Beauty

Icon - Briar Beauty.jpg
Knowing full well that her destiny requires her to sleep for a hundred years, Briar Beauty is all about Carpe Diem. If she can try something new, she will without much more thought. If there's a party, it better be the best ever. And everyone should know her, as she makes sure to know everyone.

Bunny Blanc

Icon - Bunny Blanc.jpg
Bunny Blanc is the daughter of the White Rabbit who was trapped in Wonderland with Alistair Wonderland, after the portals were closed by the Brothers Grimm. So she’s not related to Apple White. She is given the name "Blanc" because it is the French word for "white" while “Bunny” is of course a word for “rabbit”. Also, not given the last name "Rabbit" so her name is not “Bunny Rabbit” like the phrase "bunny rabbit", a terminology to refer to an actual rabbit. Without the last name "Rabbit", she is the good image for the daughter of the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Her story is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as the next White Rabbit, and she is only the Royal side of destiny.

Daring Charming

Icon - Daring Charming.png
Daring Charming is the son of King Charming and certainly lives up to his royal expectations, although he is very obsessed with his appearance and never lets go of his mirror. Destined to be the future Beast of Beauty and the Beast, he is the most popular boy at school.

Dexter Charming

Icon - Dexter Charming.jpg
Although he is the son of King Charming, Dexter Charming is the opposite of his brother Daring in demeanor and status. Where his brother is confident and popular, Dexter is shy and awkward, preferring to stay in the background. He has a notable crush on Raven Queen, despite being a Royal himself. His special ability is to make girls swoon over him when he removes his glasses although he doesn't know of this

Duchess Swan

Icon - Duchess Swan.jpg
Duchess Swan is not Apple White and she hates it. Or rather, she envies the position of authority and adoration Apple occupies and wants some of her rival's fame for herself. Most importantly, she wants Daring Charming. Duchess always keeps an eye open for an opportunity to move up the Royal rankings and somehow secure a Happily Ever After for herself.

Farrah Goodfairy

As the daughter of the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella who is very fashion-driven, Farrah Goodfairy is an intuitive individual among her cheerhexer peers. Although, she can tend to get quite assertive when cooperating as a team.

Faybelle Thorn

Icon - Faybelle Thorn.jpg
Faybelle Thorn is the daughter of the Dark Fairy from Sleeping Beauty's story. She enjoys cheerleading and is looking forward to being a villain. She is also use to not being invited to parties, so she crashes them instead.

Holly O'Hair

Icon - Holly O'Hair.jpg
A new student at Ever After High who knows everyone's fairytale, Holly O'Hair is the daughter of Rapunzel. She has a younger twin sister named Poppy O'Hair. She has auburn hair which is actually strawberry blonde or red strawberry blonde and cyan-greenish eyes.

Hopper Croakington II

Icon - Hooper Croakington II.jpg
The son of the Frog Prince, Hopper Croakington II is suave, debonair and a master wordsmith… when he's a frog. When he turns back into a human, (via someone kissing him) he becomes an awkward dork who struggles to say what he means eloquently. This is a problem when it comes to wooing his crush, Briar Beauty.

Justine Dancer

Icon - Justine Dancer.jpg
Justine Dancer is the daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess from the renowned tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. She's part of a party-related committee at school. It is known that she has a passionate love for dancing and hopes that everyone can find their spotlight and voice. She, like her mother, is also the youngest of twelve sisters, she having eleven sisters in total.

Lilly-Bo Peep

Raven's Tale - daughter of LBP.jpg
Lilly-Bo Peep daughter of Little Bo Peep she lives up to her destiny quite well, as she's seen chasing her lost sheep from time to time.

Lizzie Hearts

Icon - Lizzie Hearts.jpg
Like her mom, the Queen of Hearts, Lizzie Hearts condemns people to execution on impulse. Even so, she actually is a quite kind girl, who showed the most disappointment at Wonderland being cut off. Unlike her mother, Lizzie wishes to rule Wonderland with class, dignity, and not so much anger, since all the shouting hurts her throat.

Meeshell Mermaid

Icon - Meeshell Mermaid.jpg
Meeshell Mermaid is the daughter of the Little Mermaid from the story of the same name. She is shy but has a love for music. Although she walks on legs around the school, her mermaid tail appears when she gets wet. Meeshell is on the Royal side of destiny for yet unrevealed reasons.

Neutral students

Three Little Pigs

Maddie-in-Chief - startled pigs.jpg
The three little pigs are always near the center of the action. Easily-spooked, they never stray too far from one another, yet they are easily distinguishable by their sense of style. They are the sons of the Three Little Pigs, as in the next story of "The Three Little Pigs" with the Big Bad Wolf.

Evil Stepsisters

Ashylnn's step sisters.jpg
The Evil Stepsisters are the stepsisters of Ashylnn Ella, Charlotte Step and Prudence Step. They are also the daughters of one of the evil step-librarians, known as the Wicked Stepmother.

Chase Redford

Icon - Chase Redford.jpg
Chase Redford is the one behind the Red Knight's armor. He is the adopted son of the Red Queen and is keen on following rules and training procedures.

Crystal Winter

Icon - Crystal Winter.jpg
Crystal Winter is the daughter of the Snow Queen and Snow King. She appears in Epic Winter looking for a way to cure a curse placed on her father.

Helga Crumb

Icon - Helga Crumb.JPG
Helga Crumb is the daughter of Hansel and cousin of Gus Crumb, and is relentless in her pursuit of candy. Of the two, she seems to be the instigator and the leader.

Gus Crumb

Icon - Gus Crumb.jpg
Gus Crumb is the son of Gretel and cousin of Helga Crumb. In the true spirit of his destiny, he has an eye for candy opportunities and packs a bag of bread crumbs for his lunch.

Mira Shards

Icon - DG Mira Shards.jpg
Secretly the Evil Queen in disguise going under the alias of Mira Shards, Mira is a student solely for the purpose of infiltrating Ever After High. She also thinks Raven could be a bit more evil. According to Raven Queen's Magic Mirror Card, there's a girl who lives in Raven Queen's Magic Mirror, who appears to Raven a only quick time, desappearing fast with surprise. She could be the real Magic Mirror's daughter.

Ramona Badwolf

Icon - Ramona Badwolf.jpg
Ramona Badwolf is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, going under her father's last name. She is secretly the sister of Cerise Hood and the two seem to be very closely-knit. Her Bffa's are Justine Dancer and Cerise Hood


Rugsy is an ogre who attends Ever After High. He is often misunderstood by his appearance and judged wrongly due to it. In reality, Rugsy is really just a kind individual.

Son of the Hero of Haarlem

Apple's Tale - Son of the Hero of Haarlem.jpg
The Son of the Hero of Haarlem keeps his place by plugging a leaky pipe with his finger, but is easily prone to be distracted.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Raven's Tale - goats tanning.jpg
The three billy goats gruff are easily frightened and are often around the center of attention. They are the sons of the Three Billy Goats Gruff as the next "Three Billy Goats Gruff" with the bridge troll.