Even though her true heart wants to be with Dexter Charming, C.A. Cupid can’t help but play matchmaker.


Raven Queen is paired up with Sparrow Hood for Science and Sorcery, while Cupid is paired up with Dexter Charming. While Raven is mixing a potion, she notices that Raven appears to show liking towards Dexter, leaving her slightly torn. Putting her feelings aside for Dexter, Cupid decides on bringing the pair closer together instead of serving her own wants.

Cupid gives Raven a call, but their session gets interrupted as Briar Beauty crashes into a tree from her parachute. Before Cupid confesses the important matter, Raven reluctantly rushes to help Briar in the forest, dropping everything including her phone. Considering her work done with Raven, she gives Dexter a call to confirm his feelings for Raven, however he also gets interrupted by Humphrey, who gets zapped by electrical wires. Dexter luckily saves him in time.

The next day, Raven and Dexter are clueless on what Cupid was wanting to say, so they both ask her for the reason of her call. Believing that her job is done with Raven and Dexter, Cupid walks away proudly, hinting to Dexter and Raven that they are now switched in lab partners.


  1. Male narrator
  2. Female narrator
  3. Dexter Charming
  4. Raven Queen
  5. C.A. Cupid
  6. Rumpelstiltskin
  7. Sparrow Hood
  8. Briar Beauty
  9. Humphrey Dumpty
  10. Hopper Croakington II


  • "Cupid Comes Clean... Kinda" first aired in Latin America, which it did on October 30, 2014.


  • "Cupid Comes Clean... Kinda" was scheduled for October 28, 2014, but it wasn't released until November 11, 2014. However, it was for some reason taken down the same day. It was released again on December 9, 2014.