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Through the years, plenty of dolls have been discontinued and are only available on the secondary market these days. But since Ever After High continues to grow in popularity, Mattel sometimes rereleases older dolls to accommodate the new audience. More often than not, these rereleases have less or simpler accessories and come at a cheaper price than the original releases.

Note that for the purposes of this article, a rerelease is defined as a doll that is made available again after at least a year since its original release in an assortment context that is identical to the original release's but sports a different product number.


First Chapter


The first series of rereleases hit stores in 2015. The series comprises less detailed versions of the first four dolls released in the Ever After High doll lineup, which are given a new release because of the influx of fans expected when the Netflix series starts airing. The series is prominently announced on the packaging.

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