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The advertisement section of the Ever After High Wiki is a free-for-all page where every user or visitor has a right to advertise their own website, wiki, or commission services to the Ever After High Wiki community. There are only a few rules to heed:

  1. The topic of the advertisement has to relate to either Ever After High or otherwise be possibly of interest to this wiki's community.
  2. The advertisement is to be put under the right header.


The Ever After High Fandom Wiki is a companion wiki to the Ever After High Wiki, where users are encouraged to post articles and stories about their Original Characters and engage in fanon material that does not fit the scope of the Ever After High Wiki.

Dress-up games

StarSue is a website dedicated to creating and hosting a vast database of fanmade online games. Among its fan-material is an extensive collection of Ever After High-themed dress-up games, usually based on the characters' profile artwork.

Ever After High websites

The evil plan of Apple White (fanfic)

Community topics

Basically, a marathon of rants on one website. How it works: you suggest ideas and I put them in a hat, draw one out and we have a discussion on the topic. I will not accept anything I deem inappropriate, and anyone who becomes rude or crude in a disscussion will be banned.
Hello, everybody! I am Clawdeen Ghoul and maybe you are interested in my wiki? It is for people who love Mythology! Meet girls and boys who go to Dreamers High! A wiki for the hit show MytholoGirlS!! It has been founded only recently and we need so many admins, we have a special Live Chat.
Bff25 here with an announcement. I've founded the Theme songs Wiki, a wiki on theme songs. Come read the lyrics of your favorite theme songs or contribute them! Any theme song goes and anyone is welcome, so pay a visit today.
Emmarainbow432 here to announce a newer fandom for those wacky 5-13 year olds who reside in Ever After! You can add your own character and such. Be reminded that this is a growing wiki, and we as a community would definitely appreciate if you came!

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