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In case of problems or conflict or suggestions, the people to contact are Parrotbeak and Mojojojo13579, or Alvilda , or MarDalElla

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How to edit


The Ever After High Wiki has progressed a lot over the years and there are now a few projects open to the community. If there are any tasks that you would like to participate in or help out with, please contact an admin.

  • "The Ever After High Wiki Summer Project" was a transcript-enhancing project which took place in the summer holidays. If there is anything that was accidentally left under-edited prior to the project, please feel free to help out. Read the blog for more details. A Manual of Style has also been developed for how to edit the transcripts.
  • The cartoon pages need images; they must be 640 pixels in width and 360 in height, and the image must be screenshotted by yourself. Also ensure that it is saved in the ".jpg" format. Be sure that there are no underscores when editing in source mode if you would like to modify your image. For new users, please use previous pages with cartoon images done for further reference.
  • The doll assortment pages are in need of some more detail - from the doll logs to fiction or characteristics.
  • The character pages are in need of some more description down in their "Appearances" section. Keep in mind that including fashion motives instead of describing their everyday attire is recommended.