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The world of Ever After High can be self-described by some delightful wordplay. Fairy tales are rich material and because "fairytales" are loosely defined in Ever After High, there are abundant themes from which to derive puns. Note that some sources are used as the root of many varying words, such as the popular "throne" (used in both "Thronecoming" and in place of the word "thrown"), or "hex" (used in both "hext" and "hexquisite").



  • Best friends forever after - best friends forever (common)
  • Class of Classics - the more conservative, previous generation of fairytales (The Storybook of Legends)
  • Happi-glee Ever Afters - glee club (Cedar Wood's diary)
  • Royal Student Council - Student Council (common)
  • William Shakestale - William Shakespeare (Truth or Hair)
  • Raven McAbracadabrams - Rachel McAdams (Date Night diary)

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