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Story Date
There's nothing more fablelous than all of our Ever After High fans... end of story!Gallery January 02, 2014
“Raven’s bold Legacy Day shake up was a little too hot for my taste, but now that she’s changed the rules maybe I can finally have the Royal ending that’s always felt just right.” -BlondieGallery January 04, 2014
“Yes, pack that one,” said Apple. “In fact, let’s just pack all my shoes, shall we?”Gallery January 10, 2014
"Reaction to the biggest story to hit Ever After High since Legacy Day is going to be epic. Stay tuned for more on rumors about this Royally Rebellious Romance!" –BlondieGallery January 14, 2014
Destiny drama might have them on different pages, but Royals and Rebels can both agree that True Hearts Day is one awesome holiday worth spellebrating!Gallery January 17, 2014
Does Sparrow Hood have what it takes to steal Duchess Swan’s heart? Only time (and his next epic rock ballad) will tell.Gallery January 20, 2014
Cupid doesn’t have the heart to keep this from you any longer. She’s revealing everything you need to know about True Hearts Day in tomorrow’s hexciting new tale!Gallery January 21, 2014
Sparrow Hood and Duchess Swan are two birds of a totally wicked feather. Can you believe they’re trying to call out Huntlynn in front of the entire school?Gallery January 23, 2014
Now that Briar’s nominated herself as head of the planning committee, Cupid’s idea for a secret True Heart’s Day dance is sure to be a page-ripper!Gallery January 24, 2014
Who are you routing for in this year’s Cutest Forever After Couple contest?Gallery January 25, 2014
Dexter may be crushing on Raven, but Cupid should not lose heart. Anything could change at the next turn of the page.Gallery January 29, 2014
“The fableous part about the next True Hearts Day chapter is that it’s filled to THE END with love!” xoxo, CupidGallery February 01, 2014
What-ever-after happens during True Hearts Day, C.A. Cupid’s arrow will always be pointing you towards true love.Gallery February 02, 2014
With one bombspell of a secret weighing on her mind, will Cedar finally convince Huntlynn to make their relationship an open book?Gallery February 03, 2014
Duchess may be trying to ruffle Huntlynn’s feathers by exposing their secret to the school, but Cedar may be on the verge of breaking the strings to her plan.Gallery February 05, 2014
Where do you stand in the True Hearts Day Royal/Rebel divide: Would you follow your True Hearts Desire or follow in the path of your friends forever after?Gallery February 07, 2014
With all the planning she needs to do for the dance, Cupid needs your help to make spellbinding True Hearts Day matches. Hocus Focus and point your arrow to the True Hearts Matchmaker quiz!Gallery February 08, 2014
Toe-to-crown, Apple's chic ensembles are ready to charm the crowd during Fashion Month!Gallery February 10, 2014
Tonight, Dexter’s storybook perfect birthday plans include his friends forever after, three supreme pies from Kingdomino Pizza, and a romantic comedy marathon.Gallery February 12, 2014
This trio isn’t about to let Headmaster Grimm be a thorn in their side. Operation Plan a Secret True Hearts Day Dance is sure to be totally spellbinding!Gallery February 15, 2014
Every four years, Coach Gingerbread Man looks forward to creating his own version of winter games for the students - Grimmnastics, Tower Climbing, and Beanstalk Jumping are just a few activities he added to his syllabus to spellebrate.Gallery February 16, 2014
Mirror, Mirror in the hall, who’s already getting fairest for the True Hearts Day ball?Gallery February 17, 2014
Will it be a Happily Ever After or THE END for Huntlynn? Find out in tomorrow’s conclusion of True Hearts Day – it’s sure to rock the MirrorNet!Gallery February 18, 2014
“I am definitely not a flannel-nightgown Sleeping Beauty, if you know what I mean.” – Briar.Gallery February 23, 2014
Is your crush’s style hipster charming, dashingly outdoorsy or preppy prince? Take the True Hearts Day quiz to find out which guy from Ever After High is your fairytale match!Gallery February 26, 2014
In honor of Tell a Fairy Tale Day, all the students are spreading their favorite fables around the halls of Ever After High. Which Grimm story is your favorite?Gallery February 27, 2014
If only another treasured Leap Year were upon us, but alas, another year is buzzing by without those magical, extra hours.” –HopperGallery March 01, 2014
Raven is trying to spellebrate World Compliment Day, but everyone thinks she’s planting the seed for a wicked plot twist. March 02, 2014
Who better than Briar to organize a page-ripping soiree for the most glamorous night of the year! Get ready to party it up in the dorm common room tonight.Gallery March 03, 2014
Taking a chance and switching up your routine could cast an enchanting spell over you! Which daring course would YOU choose: Princessology or Home Evilnomics?Gallery March 07, 2014
National Napping Day spellebrates one of Briar’s all-time fave activities: epic beauty sleep.Gallery March 11, 2014
Can you keep a secret? Ashlynn is planning an enchanting surprise birthday party for Hunter. Everyone’s invited, but don’t tell Cedar until the clock is about to strike “surprise”!Gallery March 14, 2014
This wicked awesome artwork speaks volumes about Raven’s epic impact at Ever After High.Gallery March 15, 2014
Linking up star-crossed matches isn’t for the faint of heart! Take a spin of Cupid’s arrow and try your hand at the True Heart’s Matchmaker game.Gallery March 16, 2014
Curses! What kind of trouble did Briar get herself into now? Only one day away from finding out.Gallery March 18, 2014
Hiding out from a wicked awful cold spell is so last chapter. There is too much Wonderlandicious madness outside to not spellebrate the first day of Spring!Gallery March 21, 2014
Want to uncover the major plot twist behind this Raven/Duchess debacle? The entire tale unfolds in Shannon Hale’s hexciting novel, “Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends.”Gallery March 23, 2014
Whether you’re leaning Royal or Rebel, remember there’s courage in just being yourself.Gallery March 25, 2014
Shannon Hale's "The Unfairest of Them All" hits shelves today and picks up right where Legacy Day left off - with the Evil Queen herself! This new chapter will leave you enchanted with the first turn of the page.Gallery March 26, 2014
Take the brush into your own hands and paint your destiny any way you choose.Gallery March 28, 2014
Do you have your Cheshire-big smile ready for this week’s Royal Beauty Pageant?Gallery April 01, 2014
With a little help from Briar, Daring's throwing a spelltacular birthday party tonight for none other than...himself!Gallery April 03, 2014
Every girl should have the confidence to feel like a beauty queen every single day. – CedarGallery April 05, 2014
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, it's not easy being the fairest one of all." - AppleGallery April 08, 2014
The acorn sure doesn’t fall far from the oak when it comes to this girl’s fairytale fashion. No need to knock on wood, her fableous forever after reveal is around the corner!Gallery April 09, 2014
This Rebel loves a splash of color. She’s also fairy, fairy into her charming jewelry.Gallery April 09, 2014
Honest to goodness, Cedar Wood just cannot tell a lie. She also can’t go a single splinter without any of her hexquisite accessories!Gallery April 09, 2014
They may be as different as night and day, but these two brothers have an unbreakable bond. Happy National Siblings Day!Gallery April 11, 2014
"No matter how big the bombspell, I always find a way to put the pieces back together again." - Humphrey.Gallery April 12, 2014
Can the students fix the MirrorNet before their test is due?Gallery April 20, 2014
It's no surprise that today is this nature lover's favorite holiday. Happy #EarthDay!Gallery April 22, 2014
He may not be as charming as his older brother, but he sure has wicked cool style!Gallery April 25, 2014
The crystal blue eyes behind these glasses can only belong to one royally handsome prince! Today's forever after reveal is sure to be epic.Gallery April 25, 2014
With his bombspell looks and personality, it's no wonder that Dexter Charming is caught between two hearts.Gallery April 25, 2014
Everyone's practicing like crazy for the annual Ever After High Talent Show. Which royally rebellious act do you want to see perform?Gallery April 29, 2014
Duchess Swan is ready to spellebrate May Day! First, she’s taking a few friends under her wing to enjoy the great outdoors.Gallery May 02, 2014
Will Maddie have to tone down the wonder at her family’s tea shoppe for one of the toughest critics Ever After? Don’t miss next week’s hat-tastic episode!Gallery May 10, 2014
“Give a princess the right shoes, and she can conquer a kingdom.” – AshlynnGallery May 11, 2014
“I’m tired of the secret,” said Cerise. “Maybe it’s time to take off the hood.”Gallery May 13, 2014
Blondie is ready to review Maddie's Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe, but will the wonderment be what she hexpected?Gallery May 14, 2014
All good things come in twos. You can bet this forever after reveal is going to be twice as nice!Gallery May 14, 2014
Did you know fablelous hair totally runs in this family.Gallery May 14, 2014
Holly has the royal destiny. Poppy has the rebel style. Together the O’Hair twins tower above the rest.Gallery May 14, 2014
“I know I can’t help it, but spilling my friends’ secrets is such a curse! Knock on wood Raven will forgive me for my latest accidental fairy fail.” –CedarGallery May 16, 2014
Being a Rebel is all about believing that choice, not pre-destined circumstance, will help you to choose your own Happily Ever After.Gallery May 21, 2014
Finding the right accessories is almost as hard as finding true love. But Cupid nailed it with this spellbinding Thronecoming look.Gallery May 23, 2014
Cupid hits the mark with her crush-worthy Thronecoming ensemble. Could she be the one who wins the crown?Gallery May 23, 2014
Choosing a best friend forever after isn’t easy. But if you had to pick one Royal, which one would you want by your side til THE END?Gallery May 24, 2014
All of these Rebels may be fairy, fairy cool, but if you had to choose, which one absolutely rules?Gallery May 27, 2014
Being queen may be Raven’s destiny after all – at least at Thronecoming. This Rebel’s look is simply magical.Gallery May 29, 2014
Raven stays true to her heart – and signature style – with this purple and black Thronecoming look.Gallery May 29, 2014
The forest is full of Charming family trees, but Daring & Dexter have been sprouted from the best one!Gallery May 30, 2014
"The one thing about muse-ic, when you press play, you feel totally spellbound!" - RavenGallery May 31, 2014
Huntlynn are starting their Saturday out on the right slipper. First on the day's agenda, a fableous picnic!Gallery June 01, 2014
It's time for me to follow my heart! I need to to rewrite my own story! No more riding in the shadows!Gallery June 04, 2014
Talk about flipping the script! Cerise has decided to follow her fathers legacy instead of her mothers. Goodbye Cerise Hood, Hello Cerise Wolf!Gallery June 04, 2014
Dying to get your paws on the new Cerise Wolf doll?Gallery June 04, 2014
Cerise has embraced her big bad heritage. Get her full story with this exclusive San Diego @Comic-Con doll.Gallery June 05, 2014
Blondie’s Thronecoming accessories are just right. Her outstanding outfit will be unlocked soon.Gallery June 09, 2014
At Thronecoming, Blondie looks as sweet as sugar in porridge. Could the only thing missing from those curls be a crown?Gallery June 09, 2014
Which side of the story will Poppy pick? Her decision is a cut above the rest!Gallery June 10, 2014
Looking like royalty is one of Apple's specialties! You're just a spell away from seeing her full crown-to-toe Thronecoming look.Gallery June 12, 2014
Now that’s a royal entrance. Could Apple be the one crowned queen of Thronecoming?Gallery June 12, 2014
Always living life to the fullest, Briar is ready to share with you her royally spellbinding Thronecoming look in just a hex!Gallery June 13, 2014
Now that’s a royal awakening entrance! Unveil Briar's storybook and spellabrate your ever after today!Gallery June 13, 2014
Never miss a spellbinding episode when you subscibe to Ever After High's YouTube channelGallery June 14, 2014
Maddie's throwing a tea party, and it will be her most Hat-Tastic yet! See who’s invited in just a sip.Gallery June 18, 2014
All the girls look simply Hat-Tastic at Maddie’s tea party. Which crown-topper do you think is the most wonder-iffic?Gallery June 19, 2014
School's out, summer's in. That means another page-ripping none-other-than Briar!Gallery June 22, 2014
Could Holly and Poppy's destinies be a hair off?Gallery June 25, 2014
“Raven felt as if she could face almost anything with Maddie by her side--hungry monsters, dark curses, even Headmaster Grimm.”Gallery June 27, 2014
A new pair of wicked awesome shoes are the perfect way to spellabrate a win on the croquet court.Gallery June 28, 2014
This wonderlicious purse is fit for a queen!Gallery June 28, 2014
You’re just a hex away from meeting this Royally awesome Ever After High student.Gallery June 29, 2014
Lizzie Hearts is full of wonder and dressed to impress in her wicked awesome signature red & black outfit.Gallery June 29, 2014
Say, "Royals Rule!" Apple and Briar are picture perfect friends 'till THE END.Gallery July 01, 2014
Hey diddle, diddle, can you form a Maddie-like riddle to spellebrate International Joke Day?Gallery July 2, 2014
"My advice? Don't wait for your next compliment to come to you. Be your own hero and charm your mirror today." - Daring #ComplimentYourMirrorDayGallery July 04, 2014
The Rebels are having a total ball spellebrating one of the most legendary rebellions of them all! Happy Fourth of July!Gallery July 04, 2014
This is one birthday girl who knows a string or two about having an honest to goodness good time on her special day! Like to wish Cedar a Happy Birthday!!!Gallery July 18, 2014
Briar is serving up one page ripping party in honor of National Ice Cream Day! Which flavor has you totally flipping your crown?Gallery July 20, 2014
After spending so many years at home school, Holly is finally ready to step out of the tower and into her storybook destiny!Gallery July 20, 2014
If you believe Poppy's Royal hair-itage makes her prim and proper, think again! This wicked awesome girl is way more punk rock than she is princess!Gallery July 20, 2014
Not to spread any fables, but it sounds like Lizzie might be ready to give her heart to an unhexpected prince! Find out more when you tune in to tomorrow's brand new webisode!Gallery July 21, 2014
Has Lizzie become a card carrying member of the Fairytale First Date club?Gallery July 22, 2014
On this day, all woodland trails lead to #SDCC2014!Gallery July 22, 2014
Cerise’s San Diego Comic-Con chapter is just beginning, but this first fierce look is already speaking volumes! #SDCC2014Gallery July 24, 2014
Cerise is leading the pack with this hexquisite look at #SDCC2014!Gallery July 26, 2014
Cerise Wolf has flipped the script at San Diego Comic-Con! #SDCC2014 #ChooseYourOwnEverAfterGallery July 27, 2014
Aren’t you glad Cerise isn’t keeping her hexciting new look under the hood any longer? #SDCC2014Gallery July 28, 2014
This is one pack that knows how to stick together come whatever after! #HappyParentsDay!Gallery July 28, 2014
Daring's latest artistic endeavor is sure to be the total talk of the crown once word gets out about his heart-tastic subject of choice!Gallery July 29, 2014
How much do you royally heart this Royal heartbreaker?Gallery July 30, 2014
Make your afternoon more hexciting with a look at Ever After High's most charming twins!Gallery August 01, 2014
Don’t let another plot twist throne you for a loop! Catch up on all of your forever after favorites on the Ever After High YouTube channel!Gallery August 02, 2014
The best stories are the ones we share with friends! Happy #InternationalFriendshipDay!Gallery August 03, 2014
Stop by the Mad Hatter's Wonderland Tea Shoppe for an afternoon of revelry and delight! Maddie's hosting a riddle-iculosly fun tea party and she's hoping you might help serve her guests.Gallery August 05, 2014
Forget being surprised by the next tall tale! Text "EAH" to 91919 for behind-the-castle doors info that will keep you one page ahead of the rest at Ever After High!Gallery August 06, 2014
Nothing is sweeter than a pre-birthday present from your best friends forever after!Gallery August 08, 2014
Rise and shine, it's time for a page-ripping spellebration! Happy Birthday, Briar!Gallery August 09, 2014
Take a page from Maddie's book! Learn a tea-riffic thing or two about hosting a spelltacular soiree in her Hat-tastic Tea Party game!Gallery August 11, 2014
It may throne you for a serious loop when you discover Apple's hexciting ever after school activities. Find out what has her working her crown off in this all-new websiode!Gallery August 13, 2014
Wait just a tick! Have you puzzled out Maddie's latest puzzle and played her Hat-tastic Tea Party Game yet?Gallery August 15, 2014
Lizzie's not one to lose her head, but she's been a little out of hocus focus lately. See what has her wonder in a bunch in tomorrow's hexciting new webisode!Gallery August 18, 2014
Will Lizzie learn to temper her rule before she loses her best friends forever after?Gallery August 19, 2014
Home is where Lizzie Hearts is! #WomanCrushWednesdayGallery August 21, 2014
If you thought the first two Ever After High novels were hexciting, then you'll love turning the page in Shannon Hale's next installment, "A Wonderlandiful World," available Tuesday, August 26!Gallery August 22, 2014
Never one to beat around the croquet field, this Royal team captain knows how to get right down to the heart of the matter!Gallery August 23, 2014
Are you lost in Dexter's eyes yet?Gallery August 25, 2014
We couldn't be more hexcited to spellebrate today just because… WE LOVE YOU! #JustBecauseDayGallery August 28, 2014
Whatever after you do, don't miss tomorrow's spellbinding Ever After High announcement!Gallery August 28, 2014
Your wish is our delight! Introducing Brush with Destiny, a brand-new Ever After High art game worthy of Royals and Rebels alike! Remember to share your epic creations and high scores!Gallery August 29, 2014
These towerful twins couldn't be more ready to show off a few of their oh-so-fairy-cute back-to-school styles!Gallery August 30, 2014
With the last page of summer coming to a close, your friends at Ever After High want to know - what is your idea of the storybook-perfect school year?Gallery August 31, 2014
These three birds of an environmental feather are ready to flock into action in tomorrow's hexciting new webisode!Gallery September 01, 2014
A Royal's gotta do what a Royal's gotta do!Gallery September 04, 2014
We've tricked out with a spellbinding game that you have to see to believe!Gallery September 08, 2014
Porridge and honey and birthdays…oh my! Nothing hexcites the Royals more than setting up tomorrow's birthday spellebrations so that they're just right!Gallery September 09, 2014
Everything's coming up Blondie today! Happy Birthday to the girl who always knows what's just right! #WomanCrushWednesdayGallery September 10, 2014
Are you ready for a fableous adventure that defies all hexpectations? Find all of that and more in Shannon Hale's newest novel, "A Wonderlandiful World"!Gallery September 11, 2014
Don’t spend another moment blind as mice! Stay one page ahead of the rest when you sign up for VIP texts from Ever After High!Gallery September 14, 2014
What has Cerise channeling that hexquisite Happily Ever After feeling? Find out in tomorrow's all-new webisode!Gallery September 15, 2014
How do the Royals and Rebels spellebrate the final chapter of summer? A fableous picnic in the enchanted forest, of course!Gallery September 22, 2014
First day of Fall! Like Briar needs another reason to throw a page ripping ball! Gallery September 23, 2014
Let's blow the house down and flip this script in a major way! Subscribe to the Ever After High YouTube channel to catch up on all of our fableous stories!Gallery September 26, 2014
Thronecoming is about more than just kings and queens. It sets the story for the entire school year to come!Gallery September 28, 2014
Tomorrow's curious Kitty-themed webisode is sure to delight anyone who loves puzzling out shape-shifting puzzles!Gallery September 29, 2014
Find today's Happily Ever After! #MotivationalMondayGallery September 29, 2014
The one predictable thing about Ever After High’s most charming trickster is her total devotion to script flipping unpredictability!Gallery October 02, 2014
Take a break from boring! Liven up your weekend with an unflappably happy round of Maddie's Hat-tastic Tea Party Game!Gallery October 03, 2014
Has this dashing rebel stolen your heart yet? #ManCrushMondayGallery October 07, 2014
Some classics never go out of style! #ThrowbackThursdayGallery October 10, 2014
Cedar pulled some major strings to set up this spellbinding painting party!Gallery October 10, 2014
Happy Birthday, Ashlynn! Here's wishing you a closet full of new designer shoes!Gallery October 15, 2014
Rebel or Royal all fairytales are invited to vote for this year's Thronecoming Queen! Cast your ballots when the chapter opens in ONE WEEK!Gallery October 15, 2014
Can't get enough of all the Thronecoming hexcitement?Gallery October 16, 2014
Bombspells are dropping, Ever After! Your Thronecoming nominees are just about to be announced!Gallery October 17, 2014
Evil may cramp her style, but the title of Thronecoming Queen looks oh-so-good on her! #TeamRavenGallery October 17, 2014
Whether or not she's the apple of your eye, you have to admit she worked her crown off to get here! #TeamAppleGallery October 17, 2014
Doesn't the girl who helped uncover your True Heart's Desire deserve your vote this Thronecoming? #TeamCupidGallery October 17, 2014
This is one crown that would solidify Blondie's status in the Royal record books for generations to come! #TeamBlondieGallery October 17, 2014
There's no better place than YouTube to stay in-the-know about every major Ever After High plot twist!Gallery October 19, 2014
You hold this happily ever after in your hands!Gallery October 22, 2014
Something wicked awesome this way comes! Halloween is just a page turn away… are your costumes ready?Gallery October 26, 2014
No matter who ultimately takes the crown, every girl is a winner when she looks this fableous on #Thronecoming night!Gallery October 28, 2014
Let this exquisite Grimm gram show off your Halloween spirit. Send one to your best friends ‘til THE END! #EverAfterHighGallery October 30, 2014
Before today goes up in a huff and a puff, remember to wish this friend forever after a fairy, fairy Happy Birthday!Gallery October 31, 2014
The moon is full and the stars twinkle bright, here's wishing you a bewitching Halloween night! #EverAfterHighGallery October 31, 2014
Spellbinding new secrets await in Shannon Hale's Once Upon a Time: A Story Collection! This enchanting compilation includes five never before seen short tales plus an inside look at The Tale of Two Sisters!Gallery November 04, 2014
MirrorPhones everywhere are abuzz today with the latest #Thronecoming polls! Find out who's in the lead on the Ever After High Instagram page!Gallery November 05, 2014
Only you can write the story of this year's #Thronecoming Queen!Gallery November 05, 2014
You're going to have a total ball when you play the Briar Beauty Enchanting Style memory game! It's totally spellbinding!Gallery November 06, 2014
The most hexciting event of the year is on!Gallery November 09,2014
You're totally #TeamApple, but can you persuade your fellow fairytales? Share your most enchanting Apple campaign posters to help her win the #Thronecoming crown!Gallery November 10, 2014
Show your love for Ever After High's eternal optimist with a heartfelt #Thronecoming campaign poster! Remember to tag it using #TeamCupid!Gallery November 11, 2014
Snap out of that royally rebellious daydream! The latest #Thronecoming polls have been posted on the Ever After High Instagram page!Gallery November 12, 2014
SPELL out your love for Raven in a hexciting new way! Conjure up a wicked awesome #Thronecoming campaign poster and share using #TeamRaven!Gallery November 13, 2014
Campaigning for a #Thronecoming Queen can be a total bear! Help Blondie capture the crown by sharing a campaign poster that fits her just right! #TeamBlondieGallery November 14, 2014
Don't let your choice for #Thronecoming Queen be an ever afterthought!Gallery November 16, 2014
Are you madder than a hatter and want to know who will be crowned this year's #Thronecoming queen? That's no problem what-so-ever-after, we'll announce it on in ONE week!Gallery November 18, 2014
Remember to cast your vote before the chapter closes on the most hexciting #Thronecoming race in generations!Gallery November 19, 2014
The clock is about to strike midnight on this year's #Thronecoming vote! Be sure to make your voice heard before this race turns into a pumpkin!Gallery November 20, 2014
And all of Ever After High held its breath as Headmaster Grimm tallied up the final #Thronecoming votes...Gallery November 21, 2014
Mark your calendars! We're announcing the #Thronecoming Queen in TWO days! Go to on Tuesday, November 25th!Gallery November 23, 2014
Whatever after happens with tomorrow's hexciting announcement, every candidate should be proud of the role she played in this year's #Thronecoming Queen race! #TeamRaven #TeamApple #TeamBlondie #TeamCupidGallery November 24, 2014
The cursed wait is finally over! Your 2014 #Thronecoming Queen is…Gallery November 25, 2014
Raven Queen looks absolutely hexquisite as our Ever After High #Thronecoming Queen! #TeamRavenGallery November 26, 2014
The most enchanting shopping adventures of the year begin today! Share your most spelltacular Ever After High savings in the comments below! #BlackFridayGallery November 28, 2014
Don't wander off too far! Today's doll reveal is sure to have you grinning from ear to ear! #PrettyKitty #DollRevealGallery December 01, 2014
Introducing Kitty Cheshire, the ever-grinning, always disappearing, biggest enigma of Ever After High!Gallery December 01, 2014
This season's Happily Ever After starts with the perfectly crafted holiday Wishlist! Make one now on!Gallery December 04, 2014
Cupid's job is definitely not all hearts and kisses in tomorrow's all-new webisode! Hex it out at!Gallery December 08, 2014
It may not be easy, but the True Heart's Desire always finds a way!Gallery December 09, 2014
This spellbinding accessory is sure to be a page-ripping show-stopper this spring! Come back soon and see the #EverAfterHigh beauty wearing it! #SpringUnsprung!Gallery December 11, 2014
The rose garden may be filled with thorns, but oh my Grimm does she make them look good! See Briar Beauty in her Spring Fairest in Ever After High's new movie, Spring Unsprung, coming soon to Netflix!Gallery December 11, 2014
Cedar Wood may not be a real girl yet, but she's blooming into quite the Spring Fairest trendsetter with this fableous ensemble! #SpringUnsprungGallery December 12, 2014
Cedar Wood definitely knows a string or two about putting her best Spring Fairest foot forward! #SpringUnsprungGallery December 12, 2014
Step outside the picnic basket for a hexciting new Spring Fairest look from one of your fairy favorites! #SpringUnsprungGallery December 13, 2014
This spring is all about stepping out of the shadows and into a fableous crown of flowers!Gallery December 13, 2014
This spring, Happily Ever After is all in the fairy delicate details! Holly O'Hair's full #SpringUnsprung look is just a page turn away! #ComeBackSoonGallery December 14, 2014
Holly O'Hair's #SpringUnsprung ensemble has officially bloomed! Bring Holly home for the holidays!Gallery December 14, 2014
These fableous friends 'til THE END are ready to take on anything this year's Spring Fairest has in story for them!Gallery December 15, 2014
Feathers may fly if you aren't here later to see today's enchanting doll reveal!Gallery December 17, 2014
Today's reveal is none other than Duchess Swan! This graceful Royal is just getting her story started!Gallery December 17, 2014
Will Duchess show her true feathers in this week's Muse-ic class assignment? Find out in tomorrow's brand-new webisode on!Gallery December 22, 2014
Apple + Humphrey + Duchess = Today's Lesson in Paying it Forward!Gallery December 23, 2014
Happy Holidays to the fairest fans in all the land! ‪#‎MerryChristmas‬Gallery December 25, 2014
Start the story over when you head to!Gallery December 28, 2014
Let your actions speak volumes today! ‪#‎MotivationMonday‬Gallery December 29, 2014
Ignite. Rewrite. Restart. New Year's Day is coming! ‪#‎NewYearsResolutions‬ ‪#‎ChooseYourOwnEverAfter‬Gallery December 30, 2014


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