The Ever After High Facebook account hosts a number of exclusive profiles in its information section. These profiles are currently limited to the two main characters of the franchise.


Apple White

Destined for greatness, Apple White wants nothing more than to live out her legacy, poisoned apple and all! Don't judge this book by her cover, though. She may be the fairest one in the halls, but her beauty is definitely more than skin deep. She's a natural born leader, loves woodland creatures and treats her responsibilities as the future queen royally seriously!

Raven Queen

Some think she's a rebellious dreamer; others, a wicked troublemaker. One thing's for sure – Raven Queen is a royally misunderstood (yet totally good at heart) teen who is cursed with a destiny she doesn't want. Her mother, the Evil Queen, may come from a royal bloodline, but that doesn't mean Raven wants to be a feared villain! Truthfully, all Raven wants is the chance to live life her way instead of having it written for her.