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There is not a lot of Ever After High fiction yet, but much is planned for 2015 and beyond. Below is a portal to pages on all Ever After High fiction, ordered by product type and prominence.


Webisodes TV specials
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The first webisode of the cartoon series premiered on May 30, 2013. The webisodes of Chapter 1 and 2 have all finished airing on December 23, 2014. Chapter 3, the latest batch, was picked up in Early January of 2015.

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The fifth TV special of the cartoon series premiered in August of 2015 and was exclusively aired on Netflix and split into four full-length episodes. A sixth is scheduled for 2016.

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Books Doll logs
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Two book series have been published. The first, Ever After High, is written by Shannon Hale and contains three books. Ever After High will be followed up by the Ever After High School Stories, written by Suzanne Selfors.

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All Ever After High dolls come with paperwork relevant to the character. Sometimes it is printed on the box, sometimes it is a separate booklet.

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EAH website Facebook
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The Ever After High website was launched on May 30, 2013. It contains numerous activities and a varied amount of content to read, watch, or listen to.

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Facebook and Instagram, for now, are the only social media websites Ever After High has an account on. It updates regularly with posts of various and similar content.

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Video games

Web games
Finding Forever After - main.jpg
A handful of web games have been uploaded on the website.

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