The 'Friends Ever After!' doll series is budget line collection consisting of five dolls: Apple White, Raven Queen, and Ashlynn Ella, Madeline Hatter, and Daring Charming.

In Early May, 2016 all the four female dolls were re-released with the new face mold. Daring Charming was release late December, 2016.


As this line came out nameless, the fans preferred the name "'Basic'" to match the theme of simple dresses. Also some official listings preferred it as Basic. The four dolls was released in a four-pack with the name of "'Friends Ever After!'". Daring Charming was released separately.


  • Raven reuses her 'Signature - Rebels' shoes. The only difference is, they are purple.
  • Apple's 'Signature - Royals' shoes are also recycled in this line. They are cream-colored to yellow-beige.
  • Ashlynn's apparel matches her Legacy Day footwear.
  • Madeline reuses Duchess 'Signature - Royals' shoes. The only difference is, they are gold.
  • Daring reuses his signature crown and mirror for the Epic Winter pack.



Doll stockphotography - Basic Apple White Doll stockphotography - Basic Raven Queen Doll stockphotography - Basic Ashlynn Ella Doll stockphotography - Basic Madeline Hatter
Apple White Raven Queen Ashlynn Ella Madeline Hatter