The Grandma is Cerise Hood's grandmother and Red Riding Hood mother. She is destined to be eaten by Ramona Badwolf, her own granddaughter. She is is the ruler of the Hood Hollow, who does anything to keep peace between the Wolfs and the Hoods.



She is a very wise and understanding old woman, and a very loving grandmother. She defended her granddaughter from the fight between the Wolfs and the Hoods.


She is a grizzled old woman who wears red clothes and glasses.



She is the mother of Little Red Riding Hood and Brother Hood, and Badwolf's mother-in-law. She is also the grandmother of Cerise Hood and Ramona Badwolf.

Fairy Tale

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The Wolfs and Hoods chant in unison to banish Cerise from the village. Cerise's grandmother, or The Grandma, objects to this and instead, the village will host a Basket Run trial. There's been a slight change in rules - Cerise is allowed to compete in the trial. As soon as the trial commences, Cerise is strained by the number of cramped Hoods ahead of her. As the remaining Hoods are disqualified and lose their baskets to the Wolfs, Cerise is being pursued by Horribus Wolf. Luckily, Cerise breaks the finish vine in two before the Wolfs can catch up to her, rattling with a total amount of ten baskets. However, a change has taken place; Cerise is both a Hood and a Wolf, meaning that she can choose her own fate.The Unfairest of Them All