Cerise's Picnic Panic - lunch lady

Hagatha is most likely a witch but it is unclear if she had a role in any fairytale. Hagatha appears to look like Trollsworth in appearance. She is employed at Ever After High as the lunch lady.



Hagatha doesn't speak a lot, but she is a talented cook who can manage meals for multiple palates and stomach sizes at once. Her specialty is Stone Soup.


She is a short, plump woman with her hair done up in a beehive.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Stone Soup


Chapter 2


She tries to give Cerise her lunch, but the three billy goats gruff cut in front. Cerise's Picnic Panic Blondie imagines herself rejecting Hagatha's food. And the Thronecoming Queen is...

TV specials

She sets up food on the table, but the three billy goats gruff swipe it off her. Thronecoming

Chapter 3


She accompanies the headmaster when she finds out that her castleteria is a mess. Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic Upon being affected by the lovesickness, she starts hugging Headmaster Grimm. Heart Struck

TV specials

She prepares breakfast in the Castleteria. Way Too Wonderland

Chapter 4

TV specials

As per usual, Hagatha serves food in the Castleteria. Dragon Games


Next Top Villain Hagatha makes stew soup, much to most students' disliking. Kiss and Spell A Semi-Charming Kind of Life