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Up in Mount Olympus, Cupid's residence, Cupid is known as the famous love show presenter back in the Monster High universe.
Male narrator: Behold C.A. Cupid, [Cupid is walking in the halls.] adopted daughter of Eros, the god of love.
Female narrator: She currently attends Monster High, [Cupid walks through a mirror portal which transports her to Ever After High.] but is about to discover that another school is in need of her very special talents. [Cupid arrives on the school grounds as a new student.]
Male narrator: [Cupid finds a troubled couple.] Fairy tale destinies are now anything but certain. [Cupid hands the male flowers, who is down on one knee.]
Female narrator: Will princesses end up with their princes? [Cupid finds Ashlynn and Hunter. Hunter is playing games on his MirrorPad while Ashlynn is trying to spark up a conversation.] Will the Rebel students now find true love? [With a flick of Cupid's wrist, Hunter stops gaming and turns to Ashlynn.]
Male narrator: These relationships will need Cupid's help [Underneath a bridge, a lonely troll finds his soulmate thanks to Cupid.] to end Happily Ever After.
Cupid is at her locker. At the sound of Hopper's voice, she turns around.
Hopper Croakington II: Hello, fair lady of love! I am Hopper Croakington II and I am in desperate need of your counsel.
C.A. Cupid: [Points to Hopper.] I know just what every frog needs to become a prince! [She picks him up in frog form.]
Hopper Croakington II: No milady, wait!
Cupid kisses him and he turns back into a human prince.

Hey there, you're Cupid! [Points.] I think they should call you Cute-pid. Ah! When I get tongue-tied I turn back—[He turns back into a frog.] blast! If only I possessed my poetic skills while in human form! But so flustered I become near the beauty that is Briar! [As he is talking Briar flicks her hair by her locker.]

C.A. Cupid: [Crouches down to Hopper.] You know what? [Wink.] I got this. [Takes out MirrorPad.] Tell me how you feel about Briar. [She records Hopper.]
Hopper Croakington II: Well, there is none that can...

On the balcony late at night, Hopper is waiting for Briar who soon enters as her "secret admirer".
Briar Beauty: Hopper! Wait, you're the secret admirer who wanted to meet here? I mean, look, first, you send me a basket of chocolate-covered flies, then a smelly bouquet of swamp grass. I'm sorry, but I just don't wanna go to the dance with you.
In the background, Cupid plays the recording of Hopper's poetic confession while in frog form. Hopper lip syncs it.
Hopper Croakington II: My sweet Briar! The beauty of this night is naught compared to the beauty you possess.
Briar Beauty: Hopper? I've never seen this side of you!
From below the pile of furniture Cupid is standing on to the balcony, Dexter enters and waves to her.
Dexter Charming: Hey, Cupid!
C.A. Cupid: [Dreamy sigh.] Dexter!.. [From that point, Cupid's furniture stack starts wobbling.] Oh!
Briar Beauty: Anything else you wanna say? [Walks closer to Hopper.]
Hopper is dependent on Cupid but finds that she's having her own problems.
C.A. Cupid: Oh! Ooohhh! Oh no. [Eventually, Cupid falls down into Dexter's arms.] Oops!
Hopper Croakington II: You're just so hooooot―[He is pushed back by Briar.] I mean! I mean―! [Turns back into a frog.] Blast!
Briar Beauty: [Disgusted.] Eww.
Hopper Croakington II: Oh, ribbit!