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Holly O'Hair was trademarked on February 07, 2013 and her first doll came out in Late May, 2014. As of October 01, 2020, her doll number totals 8 and makes up 5.13% of the entire Ever After High doll collection. No other merchandise of her is currently available.


Signature - Royals

Doll stockphotography - Signature Holly and Poppy I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Signature Holly and Poppy II.jpg Profile art - Holly O'Hair.jpg Holly O Hair Profile Artwork II.jpg


Doll: Holly has her auburn hair down to her knees. Her hair falls over her face and a long braid runs down left side. She has lipstick the same pink-red as her sister, and pink eyeshadow.
Clothes: Holly's dress has a cream woolen top, with gold running through it. The bottom of the dress fans out and is covered in patterns of pink flowers and golden hair curls, the dress fades from white to purple. She has black mesh leggings. Her jacket is pink, with puff sleeves, the sleeves have a crisscross pattern, a clothing type shared with her sister. Gold and black braids encircle the sleeves.
Accessories: Holly has two pink and gold bracelets, styled as braids. She has golden hairbrush earrings, and a gold braid necklace, with white and pink flowers. Her belt is golden curls, and her tiara is clear purple, with flowers of assorted sizes on it. She has a gold tower ring, and her shoes are gold with tower heels, and leaves and vines along the body, white flowers adorn the front. Her bag is magenta with a black strap, with pink tassels and purple flowers across the front of it.
Extras: She comes with a gold or silver stand and a gold or silver brush, as well as her bookmark diary.
Notes: Holly was only available in a 2-pack with Poppy. In Holly's stockphoto her diary is replaced by Briar's 'Signature - Royals' diary.

Spring Unsprung

Doll stockphotography - Spring Unsprung Holly.jpg Profile art - Spring Unsprung Holly.jpg


Doll: Holly has her hair light streaked with hot pink and pastel purple. She wears cute pink smoky eye makeup and bright red lipstick.
Clothes: Holly wears a white to pastel purple dress covered in holly patterns. Her collar is pastel purple meant to resemble holly. Underneath her white top, Holly wears a thin black shirt layer. She has a thin layer of dark crinoline underneath her dress. Holly wears cherry red braided-pattern leggings, which are tucked underneath her light purple boots with crisscross laces and silver holly flowers, with a hair curl heel.
Accessories: Holly accessorizes with a flower headband similar to her original tiara, featuring pink flowers and white butterflies, a pair of simple gold flower earrings, a black vine bracelet, a gold butterfly ring and a hot pink holly clutch. Both her necklace and belt are golden flowers. Holly also comes with a wearable flower ring.
Extras: Gold stand, brush, as well as a diary.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Sugar Coated

Doll stockphotography - Sugar Coated Holly.jpg Profile art - Sugar Coated Holly.jpg


Doll: Holly has knee-length hair styled in a high ponytail with her hair parted to the right. A long side braid comes out of it, measuring to approximately her elbows. She wears layered dark shades of purple as eye makeup and dark dirty-pink lips. Holly has auburn colored eyebrows.
Clothes: She wears a simple knee-length pink dress with a patterned apron tied around her waist on top of her skirt. As for her top, Holly wears a ruffly lilac-colored fabric in the center. She wears cream pink shoes with a chocolate-colored layer on top of the pink, meant to look like an ice cream cone.
Accessories: Holly accessorizes with an ice blue holly hair band, heart-shaped earrings, a mint-colored mitten on her right hand, and a pastel pink holly necklace.
Extras: Doll comes with small cake figure.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Hairstyling Holly

Doll stockphotography - Hairstyling Holly.jpg Profile art - Hairstyling Holly Full Body.jpg


Doll: Holly's initial hairstyle is middle-parted and straight. Though, it is possible to change her hairstyle. She has orange eyebrows with cute pink eyeshadow and matching lipstick.
Clothes: Holly's top is a painted-on pale lilac corset top. Her skirt is cloudy lilac with rose patterns. On the edges of her skirt, there are pink mesh ruffles. She wears red pumps with bow straps.
Accessories: She accessorizes with her signature translucent holly crown on the top of her head.
Extras: Doll comes with 3 hairstyling tools and 6 hair accessories, along with a gold brush.
Notes: The limbs on Holly's upper half of her body are unable to bend.

Dragon Games

Doll stockphotography - DG Holly I.jpg Doll stockphotography - DG Holly II.jpg Profile art - Holly O'Hair - Dragon Games.jpg


Doll: Holly's auburn hair is tied in a low ponytail in bunches, the last bunch ending in a bobby curl. She has hazel brown eyebrows, cute pink eyeshadow, sea green eyes, and mild orange lips.
Clothes: She wears a gold chain necklace with the Ever After High crest as the pendant. She has a sleeveless red shimmery top with bright purple tights with the same gold embellishments her red translucent mesh attachment has. She wears gold knee-high boots with pink hollies on top of the wedge heel.
Accessories: She accessorizes with a golden tiara with a purple jewel in the center, along with a matching arm cuff, wrist cuff, and belt.
Extras: Gold stand, brush, and a diary. Additionally, this doll comes with a gold ring.
Notes: Although it is depicted in the stockphoto that her stand is gold, her stand is actually silver.


Doll stockphotography - Ballet Holly.jpg Profile art - Ballet Holly O'Hair.jpg


Doll: Holly has auburn hair that is styled into a tight up-do bun. She has auburn eyebrows, caramel tan and light pink shimmery eyeshadow, sea green eyes, and pink lips.
Clothes: Holly wears a lavender bodice with gold lacing and flowery motif, a removable lavender skirt, and has molded on magenta leggings.
Accessories: There are no accessories that come with this doll.
Extras: There is nothing extra that comes with this doll.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Powerful Princess Tribe

Doll stockphotography - Holly PPT I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Holly PPT II.jpg

Ever After High Powerful Princess Tribe Holly Doll Bentzens Emporium a 91886.1495999985.jpg

Doll: Holly has long auburn hair that parts on the side and reaches down below her waist. Styled into her hair is a braid that begins at her hair part and goes down to her left side. She has auburn eyebrows, caramel tan and lavender eyeshadow, sea green eyes, and pink lips.
Clothes: Holly O’Hair doll wears a fableous gown designed in purple with iconic, shimmery touches and a long layered shimmery gold skirt with pink print -- but remove the bottom layer to reveal an action look with molded on pink pants.
Accessories: Holly comes with a decorated pair of purple shoes, a purple floral headband, red earings, a pink and golden statement neckpiece and golden box clutch.
Extras: Holly also comes with a golden brush/comb set that she can hold in her hand.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.

Back to School

Doll stockphotography - Back to School Holly.jpg


Doll: Holly has long auburn hair that parts on the side and reaches down below her waist. She has auburn eyebrows, caramel tan and plum purple eyeshadow, sea green eyes, and bright magenta lips.
Clothes: Holly wears a black and white shirt with a purple overshirt that has a white and hot pink plaid pattern on it. Her skirt is hot pink with a purple hair pattern on it. The skirt also has a translucent pink overskirt that is longer in the back and shorter in the front.
Accessories: Holly comes with a personalized gold crown, gold book-style purse, black shoes and a laptop.
Extras: Holly comes with a golden brush.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.


Thronecoming - Holly distracted.jpg Thronecoming - Holly smiles.jpg
  • Holly has a Getting Fairest design, however, it was never made into a doll. She has her hair braided into a hair tie. Holly wears a hot pink ruffled robe over a sleeveless top with pastel colors and light purple slippers that have gold flowers on them.
  • Holly has a Thronecoming design, though it was never made into a doll. She has her hair tied in a long, thick French braid which runs down her back. She wears a pastel purple dress with miniature stars and a lion print and partially clear, sparkling white leggings. She accessorizes with several holly necklaces and jewelry, along with a gold lioness-themed mask.