Is Kitty Cheshire a Royal or a Rebel? That’s tough to cat-egorize.


The quantity of Royals and Rebels are being counted by the narrators, claiming which side has more students. Although, one student in particular is rather hard to figure, Kitty Cheshire, whose side in the conflict is rather unknown to them. The narrators decide to observe Kitty to determine which side she's on.

Despite her usual delight in causing trouble and rebellious acts, possibly making her a Rebel, she often hangs out with fellow Royals such as Duchess Swan and Lizzie Hearts as well, balancing it out. Sick of the argument, Madeline Hatter tries to settle the score with a direct answer from Kitty herself. Kitty is aware of their quarrel so she decides mixing it up, but ultimately, she enjoyed hearing the narrators (and others) fight throughout the day.


  1. Male narrator
  2. Three billy goats gruff
  3. Blondie Lockes
  4. Apple White
  5. Tiny
  6. Female narrator
  7. Raven Queen
  8. Briar Beauty
  9. Cerise Hood
  10. Ashlynn Ella
  11. Cedar Wood
  12. Hunter Huntsman
  13. Madeline Hatter
  14. Kitty Cheshire
  15. Lizzie Hearts
  16. Duchess Swan
  17. Sparrow Hood
  18. Daring Charming
  19. C.A. Cupid
  20. Hopper Croakington II




  • Cerise has human ears instead of wolf ears when she growls at the billy goats.