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Kitty Cheshire debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 1 webisode "The World of Ever After High", which premiered on May 30, 2013. She is voiced by Bekka Prewitt in the English version of the cartoon.

Chapter 1


The World of Ever After High - lots going on
At an undetermined time, Kitty hangs out with Lizzie Hearts. The World of Ever After High She will have a front row seat on Legacy Day. Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel During Muse-ic, Kitty innocently requests that Professor Piper repeats a melody she knows summons rats. He falls for it, and Kitty disappears with a grin on her face. Stark Raven Mad She supports Madeline Hatter during the royal student council presidential campaign. Maddie-in-Chief
The Day Ever After - Kitty throws fries
Kitty and Cedar have a chat in front of the school. Here Comes Cupid Kitty catches Cerise with her hood down and threatens to tell the entire school. When Cerise is to run laps one Grimmnastics class, Kitty provokes her wolf side in an attempt to expose Cerise's peculiar parentage. Raven Queen ruins the scheme by covering for Cerise. The Cat Who Cried Wolf Kitty attends Professor Nimble's class. Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie Like her peers, Kitty dresses her finest for Legacy Day, though she disapproves of the event. When Raven refuses to sign the Storybook of Legends, Kitty is among the students cheering for her. The Tale of Legacy Day Kitty throws French Fries at the students, causing them to start a food fight. The Day Ever After

TV specials

She will have a front row seat on Legacy Day. Like her peers, Kitty dresses her finest for Legacy Day, though she disapproves of the event. When Raven refuses to sign the Storybook of Legends, Kitty is among the students cheering for her. A Tale of Two Tales

Chapter 2


Lizzie Shuffles the Deck - Rebels playing very, very chill croquet
She and Lizzie have a chat while watching Blondie Lockes's MirrorCast show. Blondie's Just Right Kitty hears a strange echo in the hallways. Kitty and Lizzie hang out in front of the school. True Hearts Day Part 1 Kitty hangs out with Lizzie in front of the school. Later, they have lunch in the Castleteria. True Hearts Day Part 2 Kitty attends the True Hearts Day dance. True Hearts Day Part 3 Kitty attends Apple's birthday baking contest. Apple's Birthday Bake-Off Kitty has lunch in the castleteria. The Beautiful Truth Kitty plays the role as the judge at the talent show, and enjoys both Cedar and Raven's performances. Rebel's Got Talent 
Kitty's Curious Tale - time for a catnap
Kitty and Lizzie hang out together. She and Duchess have lunch together in the castleteria. Poppy the Roybel Kitty attends Madeline's tea party. Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party Kitty buys a hocus latte. Lizzie Heart's Fairytale First Date Kitty plays croquet. Lizzie Shuffles the Deck Kitty takes a walk in the Enchanted Forest. Cerise's Picnic Panic Kitty overhears the narrators wanting to keep a watch on her to see if she's a Royal or a Rebel. Wanting to cause more mischief among the two, she patterns out her hobbies into Royal and Rebel. Keeping the narrators at bay for too long, they snap as she informs Madeline that she'd like to keep everyone guessing. Kitty's Curious Tale

TV specials

Thronecoming - Kitty takes a catnap
Kitty hears a strange echo in the hallways. Kitty hangs out with Lizzie in front of the school. Later, they have lunch in the castleteria. Kitty attends the True Hearts Day dance. True Hearts Day She appears at the front of the school with Lizzie. Kitty visits Heritage Hall. Late at night, Kitty takes a catnap. She prepares for the Thronecoming dance. She attends the Thronecoming dance. Thronecoming

Chapter 3


Kitty sits in the castleteria and is in the watching audience. Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic Kitty and the Wonderlandians hang out together in Hocus Latte. Chosen with Care She attends the class field trip to the Legacy Orchard. She uses this opportunity to take a catnap on one of the trees. The Legacy Orchard Kitty and Lizzie skate together. Fairest on Ice Kitty converses with Brooke about how impossible Bunny and Alistair would be together. Brooke begins to differ. Before the point where Alistair and Bunny kiss, Kitty interrupts them by yelling. Brooke rewinds the scene and Kitty gives her an idea, but that fails as well. Finally, Kitty and Brooke just sit back and watch the scene play out, which it does so perfectly. Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After Kitty watches Apple and Raven's croquet match. Croquet-Tastrophe! Kitty walks with Sparrow and Courtly. What's in the Cards for Courtly Jester? Kitty watches the sporting events at the bleachers. Tri-Castle-On

TV specials

Spring Unsprung - Kitty finds her mom
Kitty is on the flying swing wheel and behind her, she throws ice cream at Duchess's face. Kitty brags about this to her mother, but she is not impressed, leaving Kitty dissatisfied with her work. Spotting the Fairest Five on the jumbo mirror, Kitty makes a spring dress of her own. Kitty finds her mother watching her pour sandbox litter into people's drinks, but Kitty's urged to do something big. At that point, Kitty fades over to the troll controlling the Fairest Wheel and blows pepper in its face, causing it to sneeze uncontrollably and spin the wheel out of control. The Fairest Five are mad at Kitty for doing such a thing. Lizzie, Madeline and Kitty all are excitable due to the fact that Alistair and Bunny, their Wonderland friends, have visited the Spring Fairest. After declaring Storybook of legends they brought is a fake and her mother is the one who switched them, Kitty is ecstatic but the Wonderlandians snap at Kitty. Angered by this, she leaves them. Kitty and her mother watch Raven and the others confront Apple. Her mother takes it Kitty's enjoying the unraveling chaos, but Kitty thinks otherwise. The Wonderlandians are met up with Kitty who calls her mother in order to repair the damage that's been done. The Cheshire Cat challenges her daughter to a game, which she accepts. Kitty is anxious if she'll be able to win the game after losing off Lizzie and Bunny. After realizing what was already there, Kitty beats the game and the Wonderlandians celebrate, simply by fading over to her mother without having to win by crossing the board. She accompanies the Wonderlandians and the troll unplug the hole in the well. Kitty and her friends rejoice that the Spring Fairest is back in full swing and they enjoy a day together. Spring Unsprung
Way Too Wonderland - Kitty transforms
Kitty has lunch in the castleteria and shows up late at Apple's meeting at the Study Hall. Because of Raven's spell, Kitty is transported along with her friends to Wonderland and they explore the realm, only to end up at Wonderland High. Kitty gets through the first few classes with her friends and has lunch afterwards. There, she finds her old acquaintance Courtly Jester. Following lunch are the next two classes Kitty attends, which are the un-chess match and Teatime 101. Afterwards, Kitty and her friends make their way to the vice-principal's office, soon finding out that the vice-principal was Courtly all along. Courtly sentences Kitty and her friends to lifelong detention, but on one condition: they must be proved guilty at a trial first. After the trial, Kitty is sent to detention and through Madeline, she gathers that they must win a game of tiddlywinks between the Mockturtle. However, since the Red Knight is the temporary acting vice-principal of Wonderland High, the only way to escape from detention would be to have a sword fighting trial with the Red Knight. The White Knight buys them time by battling with the Red Knight instead, and while escaping the school grounds Kitty disappears to locate her mother and find the Storybook of Legends. She later appears on the Card Castle grounds and on a roof top where she finds her mother. Her mother tells Kitty a story about one of her mischievous adventures which Kitty doesn't have the time for. She urgently asks her mother for where the location of the book is and finds it in the Queen of Hearts's present room on top of a present pile. She then decides on calling for help because the present room is just too huge. Kitty meets up with Raven and the four girls at the front entrance and leads them to the present room where the book is kept. There she finds Courtly Jester and attempts swiping the book off of her but she fails. Kitty, along with Apple, Briar, and Madeline, are taken aback by how the dark magic's possessed Raven. With the help of Apple, Raven returns back to her old self and the girls celebrate the Queen of Hearts's birthday after the curse on Wonderland has been lifted. Way Too Wonderland

Chapter 4

Kitty is seen in Muse-ic Class dancing to Melody's songs. Piping Hot Beats

TV specials

Dragon Games - Kitty resting
Kitty watches the dragon games. She narrowly escapes Nevermore's fire blast by disappearing. Kitty later takes a rest on one of the stray branches in the halls of the evil school. Dragon Games While the students are out playing having a fun time, Kitty tries to throw snowballs at Raven, and she tells Kitty 'nice try' and they carry on after Raven uses her magic against Kitty, while Madeline throws a ball of snow at Kitty and giggles. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat is finishing up her exclamation of invisibility and disappears then her smile disappears too and she is gone. Kitty, of course, cheers for her mother proudly. Epic Winter


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