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Kitty Cheshire was trademarked on May 14, 2013 and her first doll and her first doll came out in Early January, 2015. As of October 01, 2020, her doll number totals 4 and makes up 2.56% of the entire Ever After High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is limited to costumes.


Signature - Rebels

Doll stockphotography - Signature Kitty.jpg Doll stockphotography - Signature Kitty II.jpg Profile art - Kitty Cheshire.jpg Kitty Cheshire Art Work II.jpg

716bEF7J6iL. SL1155 .jpg

Doll: Kitty has a broad smile across her face, baby blue eyes and pale brown eyebrows, pale purple skin and curly hair tied in poofy twintails. She has pale pink lipstick.
Clothes: Kitty wears a gray fur collar and a sparkly light purple top with black fishnet sleeves, covered in abstract smiling faces. She wears a breezy purple skirt with a mesh layer of swirl and curl patterns, along with purple zigzag leggings and black whisker wedges with dirty-white fur.
Accessories: Kitty accessorizes with a small purple bow with gray cat bells, a black cat hat and cat face hand bag, along with black wrist/arm cuffs and black yarn ball earrings. Her ring is three yarn balls and bracelet features cat bells
Extras: Black stand, brush and a diary.
Notes: Kitty does not come with the arm warmers as in the original stockphoto.

Spring Unsprung

Doll stockphotography - Spring Unsprung Kitty.jpg Profile art - Spring Unsprung Kitty.jpg


Doll: Kitty has a mild grin on her face, as well as low curly twintails. She has darkish-red lipstick.
Clothes: Kitty wears a black-and-white zigzag coat complete with crazy purple flower embellishments and a blue catnip-flower-collar and gray fur around the sleeves. Kitty wears a black shirt and purple tinted tights. Her shoes are silver with purple bows and blue roses and they twist around her legs like vines.
Accessories: She accessorizes with blue catnip flower headdress with a small gray cats ears bow on top of it all. Kitty has matching purple twist bangles, a purple butterfly ring, a grey-tiled handbag with light blue flowers, royal purple earrings and an electric blue bow rope belt. She comes with a wearable silver flower ring.
Extras: Silver stand, brush and a diary.
Notes: This doll is an exclusive to Walmart.

Way Too Wonderland

Doll stockphotography - Way Too Wonderland Kitty.jpg Profile art - Way Too Wonderland Kitty Cheshire.jpg


Doll: Kitty has her purple hair swept to the left side of her head, with a neon yellow streak through her fringe and another one through her ponytail. She has pale purple eyebrows and neon yellow eye makeup. She has deep purple colored lips.
Clothes: Kitty wears a zigzag pattern purple top with a long, flowing skirt embellished with club, butterfly, mushroom and grin patterns and multicolored zigzags and an apple green layer underneath with a scalloped edge. Kitty comes with a long purple cat tail. She wears a purple fur collar and high-heeled smoke flats with pink spurs.
Accessories: Kitty accessorizes with black gloves and pink fur cuffs. She has large black cat ears, translucent light green mushroom earrings and a rounded black clock purse.
Extras: Black stand and brush. Additionally, this doll comes with a small card.
Notes: This doll's box comes in a clock shape.

Book Party

Doll stockphotography - Book Party Kitty.jpg Profile art - BP Kitty.jpg

91c+wk1mxGL. SL1500 .jpg

Doll: Kitty's hair is long and wavy, and parted to the right. Her eyeshadow is a shade of purple and silver. She has a grin and cute-pink lips.
Clothes: Kitty wears a sleeveless mini mermaid dress with her top sporting book patterns mixed with cats. Her skirt is short and holo purple. Her shoes are black cat heels with the tails curling around her ankles.
Accessories: She accessorizes with black cat ears, a silver necklace, and a purple book purse.
Extras: Silver stand and brush.
Notes: In the stockphoto her shoes and cat ears are black but in the doll release they are deep periwinkle. In The Australian Relese Of The Book Party Kitty Cheshire Doll Her Cat Ears Are Silver.


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Standard - 'Signature'


The Tale of Legacy Day - Kitty uncharacteristically claps.jpg True Hearts Day Part 3 - Kitty smirks.png Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party - Kitty dances.jpg Thronecoming - Kitty walks around.jpg
  • Kitty has a Legacy Day design, though it was never made into a doll. For her pledge, Kitty wears a lavender dress, decorated with polkadots and purple fur trimming along the sleeves and collar. She also wears a black, lace patterned cat ear headband with a small black bow on one of the ears along with a netted veil. In A Tale of Two Tales, she no longer has the netted veil in her outfit.
  • Kitty was featured in "True Hearts Day" and "Thronecoming" in a Getting Fairest dress, but it was never made into a doll. She wears a lavender robe with a black collar, and a pale maroon layered shirt with a blue ribbon in the center of it. She accessorizes with a fishnet cat ears headband, and has her hair held in a low ponytail with a midnight blue and pink striped hair tie with small pink yarn balls.
  • Kitty has a Hat-Tastic Party dress, but it was never released as a doll. She has her hair in droopy bangs above her eye and a bun. She wears a white shirt with a purple top and tie and a varied purple skirt with a chevron patterns and tea pots. She wears grape purple gloves with blue fur, ocean blue leggings and grape purple shoes. She accessorizes with a large cat hat, long yarn ball earrings and several bow ties.
  • Kitty was featured in "Thronecoming" wearing a Thronecoming design, but it was never made into a doll. Her hair is styled into a pair of a cat ear bow, along with a long ponytail. She wears purple lipstick and eye makeup. Kitty dresses in a grape purple and dark purple dress. The top area is a turtleneck with extends as her sleeves, while she has a thin purple dress. Kitty accessorizes with golden cat bell earrings, grape purple gloves with lighter colored fur, several blue rings on her fingers, a bright and luminescent blue insect belt and a caterpillar-Cheshire Cat mix mask.