Lizzie Hearts realizes that following her mother’s wicked advice may not be in the cards for her.


Lizzie pushes fellow Royals Apple, Blondie and Briar to play croquet harder and beat the Rebels. Though they haven't quite the spirit due to Lizzie's wrong motivation. They affirm quitting the croquet team, however they kindly apologize as they leave regardless. Out of anger, Lizzie knocks Hunter off his seat with her croquet ball.

Later in the castleteria, Lizzie sits alone but is accompanied by Briar who plans to comfort her and sort out her problem. Dexter comes by and asks for salt, however Lizzie scares him away. Briar finds out that Lizzie follows her mother's daily instructions to become a better Queen of Hearts. Out of surprise, the Queen's instructions were quite off and demanding. So, Briar advises Lizzie to be herself, rather. Bearing that in mind, Lizzie reminds herself of ruling her way by being a kinder person to her true friends.

The next day, Lizzie apologizes for her behavior to Apple and Blondie. The girls accept her apology and rejoin the team, gladly declaring to beat the Rebels.


  1. Lizzie Hearts
  2. Blondie Lockes
  3. Briar Beauty
  4. Apple White
  5. Kitty Cheshire
  6. Cedar Wood
  7. Madeline Hatter
  8. Raven Queen
  9. Ashlynn Ella
  10. Hunter Huntsman
  11. Dexter Charming