When Wonderland Grove needs a boost of wonder, Madeline Hatter decides to throws a tea-riffic tea party to recharge this magical spot.


The Wonderland Grove is a particularly magical section of the Enchanted Forest that is linked to Wonderland and is the source of magic in Ever After. But when Lizzie, Kitty, and Maddie find Wonderland Grove in gray and gloomy shambles, they rush to bring other students to help. Maddie believes that they must recharge the grove by holding a mad tea party in the Wonderland tradition.

Everyone dresses up in their finest hats and frilliest outfits and meets back at the grove, but according to the Madness Meter, the party is not enough. She instigates a wild dance session. It starts off tame, but after following Maddie's example, almost everyone is dancing "Wonderland-style." The Madness Meter is almost pushed over the edge. The only person not contributing is Cerise, but she is a bit self-conscious about acting freely.

Raven comes up with an idea and whispers it to Cerise, who is fiercely against the idea. At Raven's persuasion, Cerise takes a deep breath and removes her hood, exposing her wolf ears. The rest of the party is shocked into silence, except for Maddie, who mistakes Cerise's ears for a costume piece. Cerise doesn't correct her, and after Maddie declares it madness, the grove erupts back to life.


  1. Madeline Hatter
  2. Earl Grey
  3. Cerise Hood
  4. Raven Queen
  5. Apple White
  6. Dexter Charming
  7. Lizzie Hearts
  8. Kitty Cheshire
  9. Briar Beauty
  10. Cedar Wood
  11. Daring Charming



  • Why is Maddie the only one who knows how to cure the grove? Why wouldn't Kitty and Lizzie know as well?
  • Why is Maddie the only one who knew how to dance Wonderland style, and not Kitty or Lizzie?
  • When everyone was dancing crazily, Kitty seems to be dancing normally.