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To accommodate the anticipated amount and variation, the merchandise is spread out over multiple pages. Below is a portal to pages on all Ever After High merchandise, ordered by product type and availability.


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Ever After High is based around a series of fairytale-themed, articulated, plastic dolls, which are 10.7 inches tall on average.

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Clothes, accessories, and makeup

Justice exclusives
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Mattel and Justice partnered at the launch of Ever After High to release themed apparel and accessories for tweens.

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Books Magazine
Book - The Storybook of Legends cover.jpg Magazine Cover - First.jpg
On October 08, 2013, the first Ever After High book became available for purchase.

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On November 17, 2015, the first Ever After High magazine became available for purchase.

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Miscellaneous Merchandise

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A variety of other Ever After High merchandise has been released.

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