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Mira Shards was trademarked on November 13, 2014. As of October 01, 2020, her doll number totals 1 and makes up 0.64% of the Ever After High doll collection. No other merchandise of her is available.


Doll stockphotography - Mira Shards I.jpg Doll stockphotography - Mira Shards II.jpg Profile art - Mira Shards.jpg

Doll: Mira's hair is magenta, long, and poofy at the ends. It contains streaks of purple. She has pale skin, sharp purple eyes and matching purple lipstick. She wears glittery purple eyeshadow.
Clothes: She wears a tutu-style skirt with black mesh with cracked mirror patterns. Over it, she wears a plain white layered skirt. She wears a black chain mail shirt. Her heels are black and the buckles are swirled around her ankles.
Accessories: Mira accessorizes with a silver headband and chandelier-style earrings that dangle to her shoulders.
Extras: Silver brush, stand, and a diary.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto. She has a black belt on one side with a shattered mirror design.