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The Narrators are two entities that narrate the story of Ever After High. One is female and favors the Royal side of the conflict, while the other is male and looks most positively at the Rebels. The two are often at odds and seek a balance in narrating the story of their preferred side only and leaving the rest to the other. Of course, this only works for so long, as both tend to interject in the other's narration, either to provide their vision or to critique the other's method of storytelling.

The narrators are inaudible to the physical cast, except for Madeline Hatter and Kitty Cheshire. They can hear them and talk with them, though only Madeline ever engages in conversation. (Kitty interacts with Brooke in Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After, though she isn't seen doing this again). Everyone else interprets her talk with the air as proof that she's just mad. Madeline doesn't really care, nor do the narrators.

In the Ever After High books, there is only one narrator. This entity makes an effort to present an unbiased account of both sides of the conflict. Similar to the webisodes, only Madeline and Kitty are aware of the narrator. Kitty also can physically hurt the narrator, which she does when he or she doesn't keep their distance, as read about in "Kitty Cheshire's Story" titled "Kitty Cheshire and the Tricksy Day" in the book "Once Upon a Time".

Additionally, the Narrators are also the parents of Brooke Page, a young narrator in training who has a bit of trouble grasping the concept of narrating tales. Unlike the pair, their daughter intentionally breaks the fourth wall, interacting with the characters for the better end. Despite their disagreements about the Royals and the Rebels, both narrators agree that their daughter should follow her destiny as an observer.


In English, the Female Narrator is voiced by Valerie Arem and the Male Narrator is voiced by Joe Sanfelipo.

In Latin American Spanish, the Female Narrator is voiced by Erica Edwards and the Male Narrator is voiced by Rubén Cerda.



The narrators are the parents of Brooke Page.


  • Lizzie Hearts is slightly assumed to not be able to hear the narrators or single narrator in the Shannon Hale books, because she is on the Royal side of destiny, as it is presumed that only Wonderlandians who are Rebels can hear the narrators speak, and that is also probably why Bunny Blanc and Alistair Wonderland cannot seem to hear Brooke Page in "Way Too Wonderland".
  • While it has yet to be confirmed which side the narrators are on, it can be assumed that the female narrator is a Royal for siding with the Royals and being more forceful on Brooke about being a narrator than the male narrator. As for the male, it's most likely that he is a Rebel, as he sides with them more often. While you could bring up that he also forces Brooke to follow the rules of narrator, this would be a similar case to Madeline Hatter, as they are both content with their destinies, but support those who want to change it.