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Northwind Frost is a servant of the Snow King and Queen, and the son of Jack Frost. He serves the Snow Queen and Snow King with his older twin sister, Jackie Frost, who he looks up a great deal, despite even when failing or not understanding her strategies. It is assumed he is a Rebel due to wanting to follow along with Jackie in her plans to take over.


In English, Northwind Frost is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.



He's bubbly, loose-headed, mischievous, and personally not very bright. While a villain, he is not as mean-spirited as his twin, though he can be quite violent at times.


Northwind is a short frost elf. Northwind has icy blue skin, blue eyes, and the same white hair his sister Jackie has. He can also shapeshift like her.


  • His name is similar to North Wind, a character in the book A Wonderlandiful World. It is unknown if they are the same person or even related.