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All of the Ever After High items manufactured by Mattel itself have one or two numbers on the back of the packaging, usually in the lower right corner. These numbers are the product numbers, which Mattel assigns to its products — whether they are related to Ever After High, Monster High, or something different altogether — so that they can be systemized. In case of two numbers, the first is the assortment number and the second the model number. In case of only one number, it alone is both. All items that have the same assortment number are part of the same assortment.

The reason product numbers are interesting is similar to why trademarks are: they tell something about the franchise's development. By default, an assortment number is followed in order by its model numbers. For instance, the Legacy Day assortment is BCF47 and its first wave's three dolls are assigned BCF48, BCF49, and BCF50. Changes in the assortment number under one series name sometimes indicates a change in availability or price point but just as easily it means nothing at all.

Because the product numbers by default are ordered, irregularities in the order of the product numbers indicate changes of plans up until shortly before production was started.


Type 1
  • Reg = Regular
  • EvEx = Event Exclusive
  • StEx = Store Exclusive
  • OnEx = Online Exclusive
Type 2
  • [X]Ass = Assortment containing [X] items
Type 3
  • Ass = Assortment
  • [X]D = [X]-pack of dolls or fashions
  • [X]P = Playset with [X] dolls


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-7Ass-Ass 2013 BBD41 'Signature - Rebels' Assortment
Reg-7Ass-1D 2013 BBD42 'Signature - Rebels' Raven Queen
Reg-7Ass-1D 2013 BBD43 'Signature - Rebels' Madeline Hatter
Reg-7Ass-1D 2013 BBD44 'Signature - Rebels' Cerise Hood
Reg-1Ass-2D 2013 BBD48 'Signature - Rebels' - 'Signature - Royals' Hunter Huntsman, Ashlynn Ella
Reg-6Ass-Ass 2013 BBD51 'Signature - Royals' Assortment
Reg-6Ass-1D 2013 BBD52 'Signature - Royals' Apple White
Reg-6Ass-1D 2013 BBD53 'Signature - Royals' Briar Beauty
Reg-6Ass-1D 2013 BBD54 'Signature - Royals' Blondie Lockes
Reg-6Ass-Ass 2013 BCF47 Legacy Day Assortment
Reg-6Ass-1D 2013 BCF48 Legacy Day Raven Queen
Reg-6Ass-1D 2013 BCF49 Legacy Day Apple White
Reg-6Ass-1D 2013 BCF50 Legacy Day Briar Beauty
Reg-7Ass-1D 2013 BDB09 'Signature - Rebels' C.A. Cupid
Reg-4Ass-Ass 2013 BDB13 Getting Fairest Assortment
Reg-4Ass-1D 2013 BDB14 Getting Fairest Raven Queen
Reg-4Ass-1D 2013 BDB15 Getting Fairest Madeline Hatter
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2013 BDB16 Playsets Assortment
Reg-2Ass-0P 2013 BDB17 Playsets Destiny Vanity
Reg-2Ass-0P 2013 BDB18 Playsets Fainting Couch
Reg-4Ass-1D 2013 BDL39 Getting Fairest Apple White
Reg-4Ass-1D 2013 BDL40 Getting Fairest Briar Beauty


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-7Ass-1D 2014 BDB11 'Signature - Rebels' Cedar Wood
Reg-6Ass-1D 2014 BJG98 'Signature - Royals' Lizzie Hearts
Reg-6Ass-1D 2014 BJH09 'Signature - Royals' Dexter Charming
Reg-1Ass-2D 2014 BJH20 'Signature - Rebels' - 'Signature - Royals' Poppy O'Hair, Holly O'Hair
Reg-6Ass-1D 2014 BJH47 Legacy Day Madeline Hatter
Reg-6Ass-1D 2014 BJH48 Legacy Day Cerise Hood
Reg-6Ass-1D 2014 BJH49 Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella
Reg-4Ass-Ass 2014 BJH31 Hat-Tastic Party Assortment
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH32 Hat-Tastic Party Cedar Wood
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH33 Hat-Tastic Party Cerise Hood
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH34 Hat-Tastic Party Apple White
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH35 Hat-Tastic Party Briar Beauty
Reg-1Ass-1P 2014 BJH36 Hat-Tastic Party Hat-Tastic Party Display w/ Madeline Hatter
Reg-4Ass-Ass 2014 BJH50 Thronecoming Assortment
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH51 Thronecoming Raven Queen
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH52 Thronecoming C.A. Cupid
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH53 Thronecoming Apple White
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 BJH54 Thronecoming Blondie Lockes
Reg-1Ass-1P 2014 BJH55 Thronecoming Thronecoming Book w/ Briar Beauty
EvEx-1Ass-1D 2014 CCK33 San Diego Comic-Con International dolls Cerise Hood
Reg-4Ass-Ass 2014 CDM49 Spring Unsprung Assortment
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CDM50 Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CDM51 Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CDM52 Spring Unsprung Briar Beauty
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CDM53 Spring Unsprung Holly O'Hair
Reg-1Ass-1P 2014 CDM54 Spring Unsprung Spring Unsprung Book w/ Lizzie Hearts
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2014 CFB15 Playsets Assortment
Reg-2Ass-0P 2014 CFB16 Playsets Jewelry Box
Reg-2Ass-0P 2014 CFB18 Playsets Jewelry Box
Reg-4Ass-Ass 2014 CFD00 Through the Woods Assortment
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CFD01 Through the Woods C.A. Cupid
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CFD02 Through the Woods Poppy O'Hair
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CFD03 Through the Woods Ashlynn Ella
Reg-4Ass-1D 2014 CFD04 Through the Woods Blondie Lockes
Reg-2Ass-Ass 2014 CFD05 Book End Hangouts Assortment
Reg-2Ass-0P 2014 CFD06 Book End Hangouts Beanstalk Bakery
Reg-2Ass-0P 2014 CFD07 Book End Hangouts Glass Slipper
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2014 CLC64 Mirror Beach Assortment
Reg-3Ass-1D 2014 CLC65 Mirror Beach Apple White
Reg-3Ass-1D 2014 CLC66 Mirror Beach Ashlynn Ella
Reg-3Ass-1D 2014 CLC67 Mirror Beach Madeline Hatter


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-6Ass-1D 2015 CDH52 'Signature - Royals' Duchess Swan
Reg-7Ass-1D 2015 CDH53 'Signature - Rebels' Kitty Cheshire
Reg-7Ass-1D 2015 CDH54 'Signature - Rebels' Ginger Breadhouse
Reg-???Ass-1D 2015 CDH55 'Signature - Royals' Alistair Wonderland
Reg-???Ass-1D 2015 CDH56 'Signature - Royals' Faybelle Thorn
Reg-???Ass-1D 2015 CDH57 'Signature - Royals Bunny Blanc
Reg-???Ass-1D 2015 CDH58 'Signature - Rebels' Darling Charming
Reg-???Ass-1D 2015 CDH59 'Signature - Rebels' Rosabella Beauty
StEx-1Ass-2D 2015 CGG97 Date Night Raven Queen, Dexter Charming
StEx-1Ass-1D 2015 CGW28 Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2015 CHW44 Sugar Coated Assortment
Reg-3Ass-1D 2015 CHW45 Sugar Coated Madeline Hatter
Reg-3Ass-1D 2015 CHW46 Sugar Coated Cedar Wood
Reg-3Ass-1D 2015 CHW47 Sugar Coated Holly O'Hair
Reg-1Ass-1P 2015 CHX83 Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse
???-1Ass-2D 2015 CJF67 School Spirit Raven Queen, Apple White
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2015 CLL49 Enchanted Picnic Assortment
Reg-3Ass-1D 2015 CLD84 Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen
Reg-3Ass-1D 2015 CLD85 Enchanted Picnic Cerise Hood
Reg-3Ass-1D 2015 CLD86 Enchanted Picnic Blondie Lockes
???-4Ass-Ass 2015 CFB14 First Chapter (Rerelease) Assortment
???-4Ass-1D 2015 BBD52 First Chapter (Rerelease) Apple White
???-4Ass-1D 2015 BBD53 First Chapter (Rerelease) Briar Beauty
???-4Ass-1D 2015 BBD42 First Chapter (Rerelease) Raven Queen
???-4Ass-1D 2015 BBD43 First Chapter (Rerelease) Madeline Hatter
Reg-8Ass-Ass 2015 CJF39 Way Too Wonderland Assortment
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 CJF42 Way Too Wonderland Apple White
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 CJT45 Way Too Wonderland Briar Beauty
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 CJF41 Way Too Wonderland Kitty Cheshire
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 CJF40 Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 CJF40 Way Too Wonderland Madeline Hatter
Reg-8Ass-1P 2015 CJC40 Way Too Wonderland Way Too Wonderland Clock w/ Raven Queen
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 DMW62 Way Too Wonderland Madeline Hatter
Reg-8Ass-1D 2015 DHD78 Way Too Wonderland Courtly Jester
Reg-5Ass-Ass 2015 DHF33 Dragon Games Assortment
Reg-5Ass-1P 2015 DKM76 Dragon Games Apple White
Reg-5Ass-1D 2015 DHF97 Dragon Games Mira Shards
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2015 DHF98 Dragon Games - Forest Pixies Assortment
Reg-3Ass-Ass 2015 DHM09 Book Party Assortment
Reg-1Ass-1P 2015 DNB75 Hairstyling Holly Holly O'Hair


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-???Ass-1D 2016 DKR67 Epic Winter Crystal Winter
???-???Ass-??? 2016 DNR63 Epic Winter - Pixies ???
???-???-0P 2016 DRJ00 Epic Winter Blaster ???
???-???-??? 2016 DLB39 Epic Winter Sparklizer ???
Reg-???Ass-??? 2016 DTK49 Ballet ???
Reg-???Ass-??? 2016 DHM03 Birthday Ball Assortment
???-???Ass-??? 2016 DNB90 Ashlynn Transformation ???
???-???-??? 2016 DLB40 Enchanted Castle ???


Type Year Number Line Item
Reg-1Ass-1M 2013 BCF51 Secret Hearts Diary Secret Hearts Diary
Reg-1Ass-1M 2014 BJH43 Spellbinding Secret Chest Spellbinding Secret Chest
Reg-1Ass-1M 2015 CDD42 Royal or Rebel Party Game Royal or Rebel Party Game


Type Year Number Line Item
???-4Ass-Ass 2016 DNR59 Dragon Games - Baby dragons Assortment