With the help of Maddie, Raven decides to go off script to find a new storybook nemesis for Apple. Her search is shorter than expected when an evil classmate steps up to blow the house down. Dun, dun, dun!


Maddie and Raven talk about Apple's heavy reaction to the Legacy Day events, with Raven noting she wants to make it up to Apple. Maddie advises that Raven find a replacement for the role of Evil Queen so that Apple still has her fairytale villain, which gives Raven hope. She even gets her replacement practically thrown at her, because the smallest of the three little pigs overheard and volunteers, claiming it's his dream to be evil. Raven is amused more than convinced, but doesn't discourage him.

Eager to prove himself, the littlest pig decides to commit "evil" acts. His first scheme involves replacing yellow mustard with brown mustard in the castleteria, but people only like the unexpected taste. Next, he plans on dropping balloons filled with dangerous gas on the students. However, his dangerous gas is just harmless helium. As Raven demonstrates, all it does is cause the balloons to float.

The two are joined on the balcony by Apple, who has heard that Raven is looking for a replacement for the role of Evil Queen. Rather than happy, she is even more upset that Raven is trying to replace herself in their story, arguing that they're supposed to be frenemies. Raven retorts that she doesn't want to have that relation with Apple, but before their disagreement can continue, the littlest pig shouts for attention. He has attached himself to the balloons and is floating away, proclaiming he doesn't want to be evil anymore and instead wants to be a balloonatic.


  1. Raven Queen
  2. Madeline Hatter
  3. Three little pigs
  4. Briar Beauty
  5. Lizzie Hearts
  6. Dexter Charming
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Apple White
  9. Male narrator
  10. Female narrator