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Epic Winter Darling and Rosabella.jpg

Rosabella Beauty was trademarked on December 9, 2013 and her first doll is to come out in Late May to Early June, 2015. As of October 01, 2020, her doll number totals 4 and makes up 2.56% of the entire Ever After High doll collection. No other merchandise of her is available.


Signature - Rebels

Doll stockphotography - Rosabella Beauty.jpg Profile art - Rosabella Beauty.jpg

Doll: Rosabella has hair parted to the left side of her head with rose-colored streaks. Her hair is swept on both sides of her head. She has brown eyes with smoky dark purple eyeshadow and rose pink lips.
Clothes: Rosabella wears a white top with realistic rose and leaf patterns and a yellow skirt with a yellow layer covered in gold glitter roses on top. She has a faux fur collar and a rose belt. She wears brown faux fur knee-high boots with red roses decorated on the side.
Accessories: Rosabella accessorizes with brown glasses with rose accents, a pair of ornate yellow rose earrings and a handbag in the shape of a golden book. Her belt is green with red roses at the center and her bracelet and ring is of a similar style. She has a golden rose headdress.
Extras: Gold stand, brush and a diary.
Notes: The belt shown in the stockphoto is yellow, but on the doll it is green. This doll was re-released in 2015, but is missing her ring, her belt, earrings, and the diary changed its style. Also, she was released for a 3rd time in 2016 with her diary changed into a Card and her stand and brush being removed.

Birthday Ball

Doll stockphotography - BB Rosabella.jpg Profile art - Birthday Ball Rosabella.jpg

Doll: Rosabella has bright yellow hair, brown eyes, pink lips, and yellow eyeshadow.
Clothes: She wears a yellow dress with a cream yellow bodice accentuated with pastel pink bows down her middle and puffy yellow sleeves. Her skirt is also yellow with intricate pink vine patterns, decorated with a pastel pink mesh hem. She wears cream yellow heels with ankle cuffs.
Accessories: Rosabella accessorizes with white glasses with golden roses on each side of the frame, a pastel pink headband reusing another golden rose, a golden necklace with pink jewelry, and a cupcake-shaped bag with pink frosting and a yellow base.
Extras: Stand and brush.
Notes: This doll is exclusive to Target.

Epic Winter

Doll stockphotography - EW Rosabella & Daring I.jpg Doll stockphotography - EW Rosabella & Daring II.jpg Profile art - Epic Winter Rosabella.jpg

Epic Winter Darling and Rosabella.jpg

Doll: Rosabella's has her brown hair parted to the left side of her head with rose-colored streaks. She also has scarlet lips and smokey dark red eyeshadow.
Clothes: Rosabella's dress is yellow and white dress with red snowflake print and fur trimming in the hem and shoulders. Molded pink stockings and pink crystal boots with white fur.
Accessories: There are no accessories that come with this doll.
Extras: This doll comes with a small card diary .
Notes: Rosabella was only available in a 2-pack with Daring.

Archery Club

Doll stockphotography - Rosabella Archery.jpg

Doll stockphotography - Archery Club Rosabella.jpg

Doll: Rosabella's hair is at around waist-length, slightly curled at the ends. She has brown eyebrows and eyes, with smoky dark purple eyeshadow and rose pink lips.
Clothes: She wears a Light yellow, sleeveless, mini dress with orange swirls and red and blue flowers on front. Coral pink, molded on leggings with leaf decoration. Coral pink armor going over the shoulders in front, one strap holding it to a swirl decorated half belt with three straps. Rose gold, flower and leaf decorated open toe heels.
Accessories: Yellow gold bow with swirly floral decoration and arrow with rose bud in the end. She also has gold glasses with rose accents.
Extras: There is nothing extra that comes with this doll.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.