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The Sleeping Beauty, also Sleeping Beauty (French: La Belle Dormant, or La belle au bois dormant) is the mother of Briar Beauty and cursed to always fall asleep at random places. Her first name is probably Sleeping, or either, her first name is unknown. She was cursed to sleep for a hundred years a hundred years ago. Her true age is unknown, but is likely a hundred.



Sleeping Beauty loves Briar with all her heart, but sometimes cannot show it because she is asleep. She falls asleep in her scrambled eggs in "Briar Beauty's Story" in "Once Upon a Time". She is the daughter of a famous King, and famous Queen. Her love shows with all her beauty.


Her appearance is like her daughter's, warm light tan skin and dark brown hair, with curly ends minus the added pink extensions.


According to Class of Classics, when she attended Ever After High, she was the editor for the school newspaper. She, along with Little-Bo Peep and Goldilocks, wrote news stories and articles. They had to type everything on an old computer that didn't work very well. (This was probably before MirrorPhones and MirrorPads were invented.)

Fairy Tale

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She is the mother of Briar Beauty, Loyalty Beauty, Tenacity Beauty, Courage Beauty, Gallantry Beauty, Honor Beauty and three other boys. She is married with the prince-turned-king from her story, whose name is unknown. She is Beauty's sister, and Rosabella Beauty's aunt. Beauty's husband, the Beast, is her brother-in-law plus she also met The Rose Fairy which is Rosella's Mom


It is assumed she was on friendly terms with Little-Bo Peep and Goldilocks, as they worked on the school newspaper together.


  • Beauty, or Sleeping Beauty has an older appearance of her daughter minus the pink highlights.
  • She is married to a man who is fiercely troubled with his brother-in-law due to the past of his being a beast.
  • She has eight younger sons, all named after adjectives, and a three set is a bunch of triplets. Her sons' names are Loyalty, Tenacity, Courage, Gallantry, Honor and she has three triplets. Her daughter is Briar Beauty.