Friends and teachers of Raven Queen all gather in Baba Yaga's classroom to encourage her to go all "Evil Queen" on them. Will she take their advice? Or will she flip the script and follow her heart?


During Muse-ic, Kitty Cheshire disturbs class by tricking Professor Piper into playing the melody that summons a rain of rats to fall upon him. Kitty vanishes with a grin, at which point Raven Queen is called from class to visit Baba Yaga's office.

When she arrives, she finds not only Ms. Yaga waiting for her, but also Headmaster Grimm, Apple, Briar, Maddie, and Lizzie. Baba Yaga explains that they've arranged an intervention to get her back on the path of villainy. Raven objects, but she is told to sit down and listen. Apple speaks first, proclaiming the problem is that Raven is too apologetic for an evil queen and she should stop feeling guilty for doing bad things. Next is Briar, but she is distracted and starts about the bungee platform she has set up. Baba Yaga cuts her off and asks for Maddie's opinion. Maddie is not cooperative, having been tricked into attending with the promise of a tea party, and thus voices her support for and appreciation of Raven. Moving on, Milton asks Lizzie about her thoughts, and she simply suggests decapitating Raven.

At once, everyone begins to bicker, agitating Raven even further. She angrily unleashes a spell to create silence, which hits Headmaster Grimm. He is turned into a chicken-man, which at first pleases him because Raven performed an evil act. It is when she storms off that he properly realizes his predicament and runs after her, asking to be changed back to normal. The other students find this most entertaining.


  1. Kitty Cheshire
  2. Raven Queen
  3. Cerise Hood
  4. Pied Piper
  5. Hunter Huntsman
  6. Baba Yaga
  7. Apple White
  8. Briar Beauty
  9. Madeline Hatter
  10. Lizzie Hearts
  11. Milton Grimm
  12. Earl Grey



  • "Stark Raven Mad" is a play on "Stark Raving Mad".
  • When Kitty disappears, the portrait behind her is a painting of the musical artist and American Idol judge Steven Tyler.