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Speaker Text
In the music classroom, the students are in the middle of a class.
Kitty Cheshire: [Raises hand.] Excuse me, Professor Piper, can you show us that melody again?
Pied Piper: Ah, of course, my dear!
Raven Queen: Kitty! You know what happens when—
The Pied Piper blows his instrument and rats fall from the sky.
Kitty Cheshire: [Sarcastically.] Oh, rats. I forgot! [She disappears.]
Announcer: Raven Queen, please report to Baba Yaga's office.
Raven Queen: Me?
Announcer: Yes, you.
Raven eyes the speaker annoyingly.

Raven Queen: [Raven walks in Baba Yaga's office.] Um, Madam Yaga, is everything...
Raven finds several students sitting together, along with the Headmaster.


Baba Yaga: Raven, take a seat. As a faculty advisor, it's my job to meet with the... um...
Milton Grimm: Troubled students.
Raven Queen: What? I'm not troubled!
Baba Yaga: We're here to get you back on the right path... hehe, the wrong path. I'll let your friends explain.
Apple White: Raven, I adore you! But, like, the other day you spilled that everlasting black ink all over my new ball gown.
Raven Queen: That was an accident. I felt really bad and I said I was sorry like a hundred times!
Apple White: You're not supposed to apologize! You're evil!
Raven Queen: Ugh, but what if I don't want to―
Milton Grimm: [Holds a finger out.] Raven. You're here to listen.
Raven folds her arms angrily and sits down.
Baba Yaga: Briar, [Briar is texting on her phone.] would you like to go next?
Briar Beauty: Everyone! [Stands up.] I set up a bungee jumping platform on the east turret―
Baba Yaga: Briar, hocus focus! Maddie?
Madeline Hatter: I think Raven is wicked awesome just the way she is. [Earl Grey nods in unison.] And you didn't tell me we were here to behassle her. You said we were gonna have a tea party!
Milton Grimm: Yes, I lied. [Lizzie is playing with her card deck.] We haven't heard from Lizzie Hearts.
Lizzie Hearts: [Takes out a Queen card from the deck.] Off with her head! [Slices the Queen card drawing's head off.]
Afterwards, the students start bickering.
Raven is slightly agitated.
Raven Queen: Everyone, STOP! [She lashes out her magic by accident, turning the Headmaster into a chicken.]
Milton Grimm: Now that's what we're looking for from an Evil Queen! [Raven sighs and walks out the door.] I think we made real progress here! But... how do I change back? [He scampers after Raven.] I don't want to be a chicken man!