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Though by far not as frequent an occurrence as the webisodes, a significant portion of the total run time of the Ever After High cartoon is provided by the TV specials. While the webisodes usually debut online on the Ever After High YouTube channel and the Ever After High website, the TV specials debut on TV, in the USA on Nickelodeon. Until Mid February 2014, the TV specials would be uploaded in three parts on both sites around the time of their TV debut, but it seems this practice possibly ended in November of 2014.

TV specials are released twice a year, in the first three months and in the final three months, following the example set by Monster High since 2013. As with the webisodes, the animation is provided by Guru Studio.

Unlike the webisodes, each of the TV specials specifically ties in with one or more doll lines, of which at least the first wave generally is released a few months prior to the respective TV special.

Since "Spring Unsprung", the Ever After High cartoon and TV specials are co-produced by Mattel Playground Studios and Netflix.

Ever After High TV specials

TV special Chapter Run time Air date DVD date
"Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales" Chapter 1 23:00 December 15, 2013 July 7, 2015[1]
"True Hearts Day" Chapter 2 23:00 February 9, 2014 July 7, 2015[1]
"Thronecoming" Chapter 2 45:00 November 2, 2014 December 26, 2015 (in the UK and México)
"Spring Unsprung" Chapter 3 47:00 February 6, 2015 September 29, 2015[2]
December 26, 2015 (in the UK and México)
"Way Too Wonderland" Chapter 3 84:00 August 14, 2015 March 24, 2016 (UK)
"Dragon Games" Chapter 4 100:00 January 29, 2016 N/A
"Epic Winter" Chapter 4 100:00 August 5, 2016 N/A

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