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A book opens up, showing the school of Ever After High.
Male narrator: Once upon a time...
Female narrator: In a land beyond imagination... [birds twitter]
Male narrator: Comes the tale of Ever After High. [students chatting]
Female narrator: A high school for the next generation of fairy tales. Each student is charged with following in the footsteps of their fairy tale parents [sheep bleat], ensuring their classic stories will continue to be told. But one student, Raven Queen, [Raven walks into school] daughter of the Evil Queen, doesn't want to follow in her mother's villainous path. [students whisper about Raven.]
Male narrator: And can you blame her? I mean, who wants to be the most hated of them all?
Pig #3: [gestures to Raven] Run!
Son of the Hero of Haarlem: [points at Raven] She. Is. Evil!
Raven Queen [walking with Madeline Hatter] What if I want to choose my own Happily Ever After?
Male narrator: And this rebellion did not sit well for the Royals at the school [students cheer while Apple and Daring Charming walk down stairs and the thrid pig faints], led by Apple White, daughter of Snow White.
Apple White: [Apple puts her hand over Daring's mouth] She has to do it! I mean, if-if she never poisons me, then I'll never fall asleep, and-and I'll never be kissed by my prince, and I'll never become queen, and I'll never have my Happily Ever After! [Apple puts her hands out, shakes Daring, and walks worriedly while talking]
Screening focuses on the Rebels.
Female narrator: And so we find a school divided. [screen focuses on Royals] You have the Royals, who were promised their Happily Ever Afters. [Apple and Briar walk together in the Enchanted Forest while birds carry Apple's luggage.] Like Apple's best friend forever after, Briar Beauty.
Briar Beauty: Daughter of Sleeping Beauty! If I'm gonna be catching Z's for a hundred years, I gotta live it up now!
Ashlynn is looking out the window.
Male narrator: Ashlynn Ella, the Royal daughter of Cinderella.
Ashlynn Ella: [Excitedly.] New shoes?! [Squealing.]
Female narrator: [Blondie unlocks her Mirror Pad.] And Blondie Lockes, daughter of Goldilocks, who's also a royal. [Blondie records Apple and Daring on her Mirror Pad.] Nah, kind of.
Male narrator: [Cedar, Maddie, Raven, and Hunter are shown at Legacy Day practice.] On the other hand you have the Rebels, who feel they should be able to conjure up their own destinies.
Cedar Wood: I'm-I'm Cedar Wood and-uh I pledge to follow my destiny and be the next Pinocchio. Well, I mean, not the next Pinocchio... huh.
Male narrator: [Cerise walks by the lunch tables with her lunch tray.] And then there's Cerise Hood [Daring flashes his smile in Cerise's face], daughter of Little Red Riding Hood.
Cerise Hood: Rrrr! Ghm-ghm-gehm-ehm.
Male narrator: Let's just say, well, she's hiding a secret. [Cerise pulls her hood over her head and runs off.]
Female narrator: A big bad secret. [Maddie walks] Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter.
Madeline Hatter: Hello, narrators! Isn't it a hat-tastic day? [Maddie bows to the Narrators and pulls a cup of tea out of her hat.]
Female Narrator: She can hear us. [Hunter walks by two girls and Daring and Hopper in the castleteria.] And since every fairy tale needs a Prince Charming, Ever After High is full of Prince Charmings.
Dexter Charming: [Dexter walks up to Raven and waves.] Hey, Raven! Uh-You look gort... I mean great.
A girl kisses Hopper, who then falls off the banister, and Daring flashes his smile.
Male narrator: [The unempty halls of Ever After High are shown.] And of course there's... wait, what? Only ten seconds left? But there's so much more to say!
Female narrator: [Ashlynn and Hunter secretly text.] Ashlynn and Hunter are secretly dating. [Tiny is shown.] There's a giant named Tiny.
Tiny: Hi!
Female narrator: [Milton Grimm is shown, then his brother Giles.] And the headmaster has a brother he's locked in the secret library underneath the school!
Male narrator: [The screen moves out of Ever After High.] And so, there you go! The story of Ever After High.
Female narrator: The end...
Male narrator: Is just the beginning.