Titania and Oberon are characters who appear in Cedar Wood's Story. They are the owners of Oberon and Titania's Flower Market, which is placed in Cedar Wood's Village. They are characters from a Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night's Dream.



Oberon is a tall, robust man, but had injured his leg in a fairy carriage race some years before the Legacy Year. It didn't slow him down much, though.

Titania is a flower fairy, she has a literally green thumb, which made her adept at growing flowers.


Both are very kind. Oberon always wants to please his customers. They grow and sell flowers, and they seem to enjoy what they do. Titania is a very sensitive woman, and feels sad to the point of crying over the end of summer.



Titania and Oberon are married.


They appear to be Cedar's close friends.

Fairy Tale

Main article: A Midsummer Night's Dream


Cedar was strolling in her village, the Oberon and Titania's Flower Market smelled as if a bottle of perfume had exploded. Several tiny pixies buzzed around, breathing on the blooms and brightening their colors. Oberon hobbled over to Cedar. She said good morning and ask for the loads of the brightest and happiest flowers they had. Oberon suggests a perma-bloom spell in addition. Cedar agree, so thanks to her curse she explains to them that she wants to give flowers to her father, Pinocchio, and to her grandfather, Gepetto, to they not feel lonely while she is in the school. Titania is surprised to learn that Cedar is going back to school. She said that summer always ends quickly. Titania begun to sniffle as she picked the flowers, tough Cedar wasn't sure if it was because of sadness at summer end, or just allergies. Cedar Wood's Story