"True Hearts Day" is the second TV special produced for the Ever After High cartoon series. The TV special ties into the Getting Fairest line. It is comprised of three longer webisodes in Chapter 2: "True Hearts Day Part 1", "True Hearts Day Part 2", and "True Hearts Day Part 3".


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  1. Female narrator
  2. Male narrator
  3. Ashlynn Ella
  4. Hunter Huntsman
  5. Cerise Hood
  6. Cedar Wood
  7. Apple White
  8. Duchess Swan
  9. Three billy goats gruff
  10. Ravenette Queen
  11. Dexterson Charming
  12. C.A. Cupid
  13. Lizzie Hearts
  14. Evil step-librarians
  15. Milton Grimm
  16. Briar Beauty
  17. Blondie Lockes
  18. Madeline Hatter
  19. Hopper Croakington II
  20. Daring Charming
  21. Kitty Cheshire
  22. Sparrow Hood
  23. Son of the Hero of Haarlem
  24. Troll girl
  25. Barista
  26. Delivery goose
  27. Lilly-Bo Peep
  28. Humphrey Dumpty
  29. White Queen
  30. Poppy O'Hair
  31. Melody Piper
  32. Baba Yaga
  33. Gingerbreadman
  34. Pied Piper
  35. Merry Men




  • Apple's earrings are red when she is courted by three boys, but golden in all other scenes.
  • The step-librarian in the red dress is drawn without her glasses when she slams her hand onto her desk.
  • The step-librarians' rings change hands or disappear throughout the webisode.
  • Cupid sports two bracelets when she grabs the book off the headmaster's desk.
  • During Cupid's close-up when she talks with Briar, her left wing is missing.
  • When Hunter pulls back the bow, his bracelet is on the opposite wrist.
  • When walking up the stairs with Kitty, Lizzie's outer skirt is missing.
  • When Apple confronts the couple immediately after their announcement, her bracelet and ring are gone.
  • As Blondie rolls her MirrorCast, the MirrorPad's recording angle is incorrect.
  • When Blondie is holding the microphone while talking about Ashlynn and Hunter, her ring is slightly cut-off.
  • Briar is wrongly reflected in the mirror as she prepares for the dance. Specifically, the flowers in her hair are depicted on the wrong side and are too high up.
  • Blondie appears on stage and her position soon gets replaced by Ashlynn after the Heart Tree blossoms are given. She then appears with the audience.
  • When Lizzie cheers for Cupid for the second time, her ring is missing.


  • Bombspell or bomb-spell is a play on "bombshell".


  • "True Hearts Day" utilizes intro cards for the characters, which is something previously done in the Monster High TV special "New Ghoul @ School".
  • The outfit Cupid wears for the dance is so far unidentified. No other person gets dressed for the True Hearts Day dance.
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