Mirror, mirror tell me true -- can Apple and Raven find another mirror like you? While Apple usually knows her mirror's answers, she's throne for a loop after Raven's magical aim interferes with her reflection.


One morning in Apple's and Raven's shared dorm room, both girls are getting ready in front of their mirrors. Apple is singing, much to Raven's annoyance, and asks her magic mirror who the fairest at the school is. Of course, it replies that she is. Content with the answer, Apple leaves to borrow jewelry from Briar. In the meantime, Raven attempts to curl her hair with a spell, but it bounces off of her own mirror and strikes Apple's mirror. When Apple returns and asks what her mirror thinks of her jewelry, it responds with a rude and negative answer. She is taken aback and wonders aloud if something happened while she was gone. Raven lies she can't recall anything, but offers to help her find a new mirror.

They first they approach for a replacement-mirror is Briar, but she only has a compact. Next they ask Blondie Lockes to lend them one from her huge mirror collection, which she's willing to, but only if she can find the one among them that is "just right". As a last resort, they ask Daring if Apple can borrow his hand mirror. He agrees if he can check himself one more time first, which takes longer than they're willing to wait, so they return to their dorm.

Apple paces the room and laments like a true damsel in distress. Raven can't take it anymore and finally confesses that she broke the mirror. Apple, in turn, admits that she knew the whole time that her evil roommate had broken it, and has already ordered another one. In the meantime, she suggests Raven make it up to her by pretending to be her magic mirror and saying all of the encouraging things she is used to hearing. Raven goes along with it reluctantly.


  1. Apple White
  2. Raven Queen
  3. Briar Beauty
  4. Blondie Lockes
  5. Daring Charming