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In the morning, Raven and Apple are in their dorm getting ready for a school day.
Apple White: [She walks up to her mirror, singing.] La-la-la-la-la-la-la!
Raven Queen: Um, hey, Apple, could you not sing in the morning? Huh. [Whispering.] Or ever?
Apple White: Oh, you big kidder. Mirror-mirror, so smart and cool, who's the fairest at this school?
Mirror: You are, Apple White!
Apple White: [Hugs mirror.] Greatest mirror ever. I'm gonna borrow some jewelry from Briar. BRB. [Runs down the hallway.] Hahaha!
Raven Queen: [She fires dark magic blasts reflected on the mirror to her hair.] I wonder if some magic can get a little more curl going on here.
One blast accidentally flies out of her hand and it bounces around the room, hitting Apple's mirror.

No! [Gasps as Apple returns.]

Apple White: [Singing.] La-la-la-la-la-la-la! Magic mirror, [Points to her new necklace.] what do you think?
Mirror: What do I think? Pfft!
Apple White: My mirror! Did something happen while I was gone?
Raven Queen: [Does an impersonation of the mirror.] Um, nope, not that I remember.
Apple White: This is a royal fairy-fail!
Raven Queen: [Takes Apple by the hand.] Come on, we're gonna find you another mirror!
Mirror: Bleeeeh! Pffft!

Briar Beauty: My mirror? [Hands Raven a makeup mirror.] Here you go!
Apple White: What? You-you don’t have a bigger mirror?
Briar Beauty: You never know when you need to look good on the go! [She does her mascara as Raven holds it open for her, but Raven snaps it shut.]

Blondie Lockes: I'm having trouble finding one that's just right! Some of these are too narrow, too wide... Ohh... I don't like the frames.

Daring Charming: You wanna borrow my mirror? [Apple and Raven nod.] Well, okay, just let me do one quick check-a-roo. [He does several poses.] Oh, oh, mmm!
Raven Queen: You're never getting that away from him.
Apple White: Yeah, I know.
Daring Charming: [Still posing.] Okay.

Apple White: This is just the worst thing that's ever happened to anyone!
Raven Queen: Apple, I broke your magic mirror!
Apple White: Oh, I know.
Raven Queen: You what?
Apple White: [Happily.] Duh, you're supposed to be the most evil [Poses.] person ever. [She puts her hands on her hips.] I just assumed you did it and then lied about it. Until my new mirror arrives, I know how you can make it up to me. [Wink.]

Apple is wearing a large apple crown on her head.
Apple White: Is this the perfect thing to wear to Crownculus class?
Raven is serving as Apple's mirror until her new one arrives.
Raven Queen: Of course it is, fairest one of, ow! [Drops magic mirror she's holding.] So heavy!
Apple White: Stop breaking character!
Raven Queen: I don't wanna keep calling you the fairest!
Apple White: Come on, be a good evil roommate!