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Quotation1.png I try to sell myself, but I am really laughing, because I just love the music not the Fame! Quotation2.png
Lady Gaga, ARTPOP
Quotation1.png I am madder than the Mad Hatter! Quotation2.png
Quotation1.png We Could, We Could, Belong Together ARTPOP Quotation2.png
Lady Gaga, ARTPOP
Quotation1.png This album is a celebration, my pain exploding in electronic music, it's heavy, but after I listen to it, I feel Happy again, I feel lighter Quotation2.png
Lady Gaga, ARTPOP Film


Birthday: November 19th

Star Sign: Scorpio! even though I hate scorpions!

Side: Rebel!

Fairytale Parent: Well, my family aren't that royal to be in a fairytale. But if I had to go to EAH I would probably be the son of Prince Phillip out of Sleeping Beauty!

Parent's Story: Probably Prince Phillip :P

Roommate: I roommate with my dolls XD If I went to EAH I would room with Dexter :D

Secret Heart's Desire: To be a fashion designer and designer clothes for catwalks!

My "Magic" Touch: None :(

Storybook Romance Status: Not taken, I could fall in love with anyone as long as they love me <3

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I am weird, I'm not your normal guy who loves football and sports! I am a boy who likes music POP MUSIC! and I love to sing and dance and draw! Its who I am!

Favorite Subject: Art :)

Least Favorite Subject: Math. I am so DAYUM

Favorite Food: Chicken, Idk why its just got a good taste :P

Best Friends Forever After: Everyone who is kind to me! That's basically everyone on this wikia, I couldn't thank them enough for always being there. Love you all <3

Quote: "I'm cleo."

Other Quote: "I am normal, just in a unique way!"

About me

Basically, I am a boy who, likes Ever After High, due to it's enchanting ways of pure AWESOMENESS! Thats all you really need to know, I am kind and you can ask me for advice, I don't bite!!! You can probably guess I love Lady Gaga, as I have lots of her Quotes. I love MLP and MH and I am starting a like for Equestria Girls, I have 62 MH dolls and 2 EG dolls.

5 Favourite Characters

  • Ashlynn
  • Kitty
  • Briar
  • Hopper
  • Dexter

My Collection


  • Apple, Basic
  • Raven, Basic
  • Maddie, Basic
  • Briar, Basic
  • Ashlynn, Basic
  • Hunter, Basic
  • Cerise, Basic
  • Blondie, Basic
  • Poppy O'Hair, Basic
  • Holly O'Hair, Basic
  • Lizzie Hearts, Basic
  • Dexter Charming, Basic

Other Lines

  • Apple White, Thronecoming
  • C.A Cupid, Thronecoming
  • Briar Beauty, Legacy Day
  • Madeline Hatter, Hat-Tastic
  • Raven Queen, Getting Fairest
  • Apple White, Getting Fairest

Shipping Time!

  • Maddie and Hopper (OTP)
  • Raven and Dexter
  • Cerise and Hunter (OTP)
  • Briar and Hopper
  • Cedar and Cerise (OTP)
  • Cerise and Dexter
  • Apple and Raven
  • Raven and Cerise
  • Briar and Blondie
  • Ashlynn and Hunter (OTP)
  • Dexter and Cedar
  • Kitty and Lizzie (OTP)
  • Maddie Hatter and Lizzie
  • Maddie Hatter and Kitty
  • Dexter and Maddie
  • Daring and Cerise (OTP)
  • Hunter and Daring

Pages To Look At

♥Only Livin' In The Dark♥