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aka Amethyst Pines

  • I live in gravity falls, equestria.... yeah thats a real town in equestria....
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is obsessing over gravity falls and mlp...
  • I am a girl
  • Apple white official

    Raven would be Elsa.

    • Can't control magic
    • Barely has any friends
    • Is thought of as evil or dangerous
    • Have powers
    • Don't want to do what they are supposed to.
    • Run away. (Raven ran from Legacy Day rehearsal in Raven's Tale and Apple's Tale.)

    Am i right?

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  • Apple white official

    This is a quick story for you.

    So one day i had birthday money and wanted to get some dolls.

    When i was in Target i was looking at mh dolls. But then i said, "Well i already have so much monster high dolls, i will try out ever after high"

    So i bought basic Apple.

    Then i went to Walmart. (same day)

    And i bought basic Briar to get my collection going.

    Then a week or two later my nana bought me the Legacy Day Raven.

    And then on christmas I got basic Maddie.

    And then one day in January I found a Blondie that was the only one left at Target.

    And on that same day my mom was looking through her closet and she noticed she forgot to give me a christmas present.\

    That was the Ash and Hunter 2 pack.^

    Then one day I found 2 Cerise's for the first time and i boug…

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  • Apple white official

    ONCE UPON A TIME there was a girl named Ca Cupid. She transferred schools from Monster High to Ever After High and turned from a monster into a human/angel/godess.


    Her monster friends, Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, and Cleo, missed her, so they snuck upstairs into the attic, and jumped through the magic mirror and ended up in Ever After! When they looked into the mirror they found out that they had turned human! "Who are the new girls?" everyone was saying. When they found Cupid, she didn't recognize them so she ignored them.

    Later on they meet the other royals and rebels (WHO SURPRISINGLY SOME SOUND A LOT LIKE THEM OR THEIR FRIENDS) They talk to them and they tell them about their fairytales. Apple tells them about Snow W…

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