Robin Sparrow Hood: His Father Robin Hood: 

Ever After High: Students:

Ceder Woods: The Next Pinocchio:

Ceder Wood could be the Next Pinocchio or a Rebel from what her father did in the past. Dare old Dad saved Rude and Spoil Children from danger. Do you remember the Ring Master inviting rude children to the circus at the Exhibition Fair?

They could do anything they wanted however they were told not following the directive Principle rule or Modest Moral Descent Value Traits of Integrity. Unruly children went on a roller Coaster Ride Morphing into a Stubborn Hypocritical Mules.

They were to be drafted and trained by the Monarch King, and Queen. Children stretched, grew fast taller into mature adults to become Mural Soldiers: Preparing them for the Knight Hood of the Revolutionary conflict of War.

(The Blue Bird of Happiness:) Almost the same with the Luxuries: Mertel and Tyler was invited into the most Prosperous Mansion House to stay overnight. With Envies: and Greed, The Children got spoiled and got everything they wanted. The Luxuries losing money tried to send the children to A Dormintorial Military Boarder School trained by the Prime Minster, or Government. The Ring Master was suppost to gather them.

Ceders Woods: is an Educated intellectual, knowing the different between the moral truth and lies deceit. The Problem: Ceder could work as a Politician Senator, Lawyer, Provincial/ Federal Revenue Ministry Employee, Fashion Model, or a Teacher Educator. Ceder would fit right in.

Ever After High: About Jillian Beanstalk:

Jack Beanstalk: Jillian Father is a Dreamer. A Director of own performance show who sikes his own near Demise: Joint combine ventures with the Giant to make themselves Famous Rich.

He built an entire audience to collect share profited of Gold: Nether stole from the Fan Stadium, they created the Innovative idea that Jack must steal from a Goose: An Golden Egg. It weather it was real or fake they gave it to an Museum Anthropologist, that why they lived in Prosperity, not in poverty.

Be-he-alive, Be-He-Dead I make this human to be my bread. Performance Acting kept Jack alive:

Jack and the Giant are still friends: Remain Friends: The Giant could never forget that fine morning how conning Jack is drawing a crowd. He waited until the Giant was low enough then he cut to the vine, The Giant then jump to the ground and laid on his back tip himself over pretending he was dead.

Since Jack and Jill married and climbed the up the Bean Stalk to visit the Giant. Jillian get her conning idea from her father. She may have in inst-rest of inventing Aviation flight Wings through the air. Innovative Structures: Bird, Dragons, Balloons, Gliders flying over the sky heavens, she also invented a Crews Ocean-Sea Boat.

Jillian collaborates with the Giants: and sometime Isolate herself in her work. Created a field landing pad near the Carrel Farm of her home.

Best friends of with Lilly Bo-Peep: However she keeps to herself. Not as Rotten as you think: Keep in mind:

Ever After High: Lilly BO-Peep:

When Little BO-Peep Counts her sheep, She Remain calm, Well rested at night from her Frustrations.

If Lilly loses a sheep, she also remains calm, cool, collective, not so worried about the weight on her shoulders, she take a deep breath and breathe, She changes her frown up side down she searches for a solution.

Confident, Generous, cheerful, Curious, Cheerful, Sometime Gullible, but she a adjustive learner of the Rules.

A Good Friend: who stays Positive: She also is Good Companion of Jillian Bean Stock:The Inventor. She not as bad as you think.

Lilly's BO=Peep: Field Graze Sheep:

Jack and Jill got water from the well, Ran up the hill after. Jack tumble down while Jill lost her crown while the water grew the Bean Stock Seed Taller.

Interesting enough Jack also en-mired A Carrel girl on the Graze farm who watches her sheep: Little BO-Peep. Unfortunate Little BO-Peep married Little Boy Blue the Starving Artist who sang for his Supper. He got a Recording Record contract, sending the Mortgage, Hydro /electrical money back to the Carrel Farm.

Lilly may have Lost her sheep and sometimes could not find them. Lilly could try take the reasoning from Jack in the Bean Stock. The Sheep may have took off towards the mountains or someone needed the sheeps, probable is watching them in the fields, it relaxes them while counting.

The Friendly Giants: Next time: Jack ask:

Perhaps: Children were known to have saddle up the sheeps for enjoyment of Fun rides: Cuddling, Installation Comfortable, the sheep's also kept them warm even during winter. 

Ever After High: About Once Upon a Twist:

Have you thought of Daring Charm, true form/ Once a Teen Youth from High School the Ladies once adored him. Whenever Daring smiled his teeth glistened shinny, this was probably the first step of him morphing into a beast. (Ice Castle.)

Like any other student he was once known as a shinning Armor of his class and Rescuer (Darling Charming another story,) Perhaps his Colleagues got a bit nervous of him because he started to dominate in all his sports (Almost all Cerise Hood.)

Daring unstoppable: transforms into the Beast eventually once again. Students became afraid of him and would not approach him. Shun by the his Dormintory class Rosabella rescue from his schoolmates. Rosabella brought Daring back to hideout in Beauty and Beast Castle.

Beauty and the Beast: Rosabella teaches him how to live secretly without the students noticing him, and taught him to dance.

Ever After High went through the wrong Folk Tale Stories direction before, and Lived to tell the tale since once long ago. Besides Dexter got Cupid they should be more than a couple by now. It is Daring that become the Beast: Not Dexter.

Student's may look at his outside appearance as a Hideous Beast, They do not look from the inside of his heart, and Intelligence, He still Daring Charming the Glimmering Student everyone respects. Daring stands up for him self to shares with the whole auditorium school, to be himself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ever After High: The Colony Stateship:

Three Politician's: once thought the Monarch King went crazy. They thought he was losing his mind, A Mighty Ruler who once dominated over City Region's, while Economist looked to him for advise .

I do not know if the King had altimeters, they wanted him to sign a document stating a New Emperor State-Ship shall govern and rule over the economy.

Colonies hearing the news became upset stating their Independence against the new Rulers, Causing a Revelation Tea Party Revolt over the ocean-sea docks: Telling them there should be no more Air Monarch that shall rule the land, (Off with their heads.) The New Monarch held way to much power. Russia: Monarch Rulers: with a Recruitment Military force: was Banish from the Kingdom: The public got Scared:

Battles have been fought: Confederates Oppressionist, against the Federation Liberators: North vs South: Dark Lord Oppressors once over whelming ruled the Monarch Nation: Governs the Commoner Kingdom.

The Queen over thrown/ banish her enemies, and those within the Castle Walls. Foreign Nations and the public eventually got their Independence of freedom: Long Road/ Living in a strange land: Mix Culture. We are the People!

The Terms of agreement: The Monarch King decided to shrunk the terms of the Emperors agreement. Stating to the politician's (Forever is a long time). The King shrunk the agreement for short term, the Public could vote/elect their candidates for the short term, then long term re-elect their government however public must decide. The Public no longer has to sworn an oath to the Air Throne Monarch's. The Monarch Castle is now a public figure.

To Air Throne Monarch Rulers of the Old Code, The New Emperor Globule Rulers became The Government Stateship of the Colonies.

This How the Air Monarch met The New Economy Stateship as a Prime Minister, Government: who take a bow; The Old Monarch's in return were well Remembered, not forgotten Born to Vallard since The Old Code: became I-conic Publicly famous:

Keep in mind: