• FireSnow16

    Thronecoming King

    March 2, 2014 by FireSnow16

    In November we are having a special on the Thronecoming and I hope fans like us get to vote who is going to be king.

    Here are the nominees:

    Hunter Huntsman- 8

    Sparrow Hood- 4

    Daring Charming- 4

    Dexter Charming- 22

    Hopper Croakington ll- 6

    Who is going to be the TK?

    You vote.

    And hex you later.

    I want tell you I be counting the votes by November.

    To people of EAH Wikia on 10/30/14 will be your last chanset to vote for Thronecoming King.

    Good news the voting is now been extended to the 20th!

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  • FireSnow16

    Do you have a favorite EAH Character?

    Tell us who it is and why is he or she is your favorite?

    Like this:

    My favorite character is Madeline Hatter. Because she cazy, funny and cool too. In a Wonderland way.

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  • FireSnow16

    Ever After High Movie

    January 12, 2014 by FireSnow16

    Since Monters High already has two movies don't you think it time that Ever After High desiver to have one too?

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