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  • Kandyo'hair

    Hello guys I hope you have been having a absolutely wonderlandiful day! 

    Lately there have been lots of arguements over one thing: Who does Daring Charming like? We ALL have opinions on here (even if we think he should be w/ no one that is still an opinion) of who he should end up with, but honestly I don't think we should get so hung up on it. There is something wrong/missing/not right with every opinion/ship and that's what a lot of us (including me) don't see we constantly try to fight each other to make our ship look the best over the other five or four plus. 

    Cerise + Daring 

    It was just an apology

    They are only friends

    Holly + Daring

    She is too shy to talk to him

    Apple + Daring

    Apple doesn't want to be romantically involved with him right no…

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  • Kandyo'hair


    May 11, 2015 by Kandyo'hair

    Can anyone please explain to me the Ever After High timeline! There's True Heart's Day which is celebrating spring, but then there's Apple's Birthday Bakeoff and her birthday is in May. After ABB there's Spring Unsprung in which they celebrate the end of WINTER, how is it possible that happened? We know for sure that a new year hasn't happened so how did it go from May to the end of winter? and also there's Thronecoming which usually happens in October, but that one isn't as confusing because they can have homecoming whenever. We also never saw winter at EAH so how are they celebrating the end of it? I am very confused, can someone please explain how this happened?

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